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It’s Unseasonably Warm

All the calendars tell me it’s November again. The only real evidence of that fact is we had to “fall back” with our clocks last Saturday. Instead  of getting cold, though, we’re having a week of 70 degree temperatures with bright sunshine and clear blue skies. I think Mother Nature is making up for her nasty behavior in the Spring.

But even the warm temperatures can’t deny winter is lurking behind the curtain. It’s dark at 4:30 in the afternoon and Christmas commercials are already appearing on television. Yuck. Another downside of the warm temps is not having the excuse to snuggle in the blankets in the early darkness. I tell everybody who will listen that I would have made a very good bear because I do hibernate.

So how do we get through the next four to six months? (Yes, six months — I live in a northern state where winter is never-ending.) I think the anticipation of the holidays of Thanksgiving and the craziness of Christmas and all it’s “traditions” pull us through this time of year.

So for all you other “sun signs” like me, keep a calendar handy and check off the days until April. It makes you think you’re making progress to more consistent nice, warm, weather. This stretch of present warm temperatures is a fluke.

MS Calls the Shots


This is your body with Multiple Sclerosis.

In Wisconsin we wait for warm weather all year. When it comes, we want to be outside enjoying the sun and breezy days, but unfortunately this is the time of year Ken and I find ourselves indoors keeping cool in the air conditioning.

Why? Not by choice that’s for sure! The hot weather of July takes the sap out of Ken. This behavior is typical for an MS patient who generally has trouble with fatigue, but when the heat comes along he or she becomes a puddle. Here’s what I’m talking about.

One day last week, Ken rose feeling energetic. He made himself breakfast, walked into the living room with the aid of his walker, and within a few minutes his eyes glassed over, and he collapsed in his chair. The next thing I knew, he was sound asleep for four hours. He slept so long, I began to worry there was really something more wrong than just being weary.

This is what life is like when you have MS or when you live with someone who does. Everyday is an adventure with this disease. Things can change from good to bad in a matter of minutes or a matter of days. Sometimes things stay status quo for months. The real challenge is to try to be ready for the next change. Through this uncertain journey, Ken and I have become pretty good at waiting for change.

Living with a mystery everyday is not exciting. Sometimes I just want to throw a tantrum and scream, “This isn’t fair!”  I want to spend my summers with my love like we used to do. . . enjoying art fairs, family picnics, and an occasional day walking around at the zoo.  I’m not asking for much, only a little normalcy in warm weather.