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Just One More Game, Please

Candy CrushI got up this morning an hour early. I really didn’t want to crawl out of bed at 5:00 a.m., but my eyes didn’t want to stay closed any longer. So, the minute my feet touched the floor, my “boys” started giving me orders. You see, it’s the four-legged “people” around this house who are really in charge.

First things, first. Ernie goes out into the cold to relieve the pressures of sleeping soundly for the night. Then Vinnie demands his tuna with successive “Meows!” (Like I could forget him–really, cat!) Ernie’s scratching at the door to come in for his “bacon” treat, and things finally settle down to my turn. Now it’s my turn to use the bathroom, make the coffee and take the necessary morning “meds.”

Now it’s finally time to turn on the computer.

I fully intended to use the extra quiet time to write. But, I didn’t. I got involved in answering email and then, God forgive me, I started playing my favorite Facebook game, Candy Crush Saga. I’m at level 109, now and needless to say, the puzzles are tough! But like a drug-crazed crackhead, I go back for more of this very creative time waster.

I can’t understand it. Am I addicted? I’ll even pay a dollar to get the extra moves I need to get through the puzzle after being stuck for a couple of days. Oh, dear god, I really am hooked! What’s a person to do? Do they have Facebook Games Anonymous? And if they do, am I ready to join? Is an intervention right around the corner?

But seriously, I don’t have a problem. I can handle this! Sure, I have writing to do, but honestly, get off my case! It’s only a game!

Does anybody else suffer from such weakness? Please, tell me you do. I always find comfort in knowing I’m not the only one with human frailty. AND, If this continues, I promise I’ll admit I have a problem and eliminate the App from my computer.

But not until I conquer Level 110.