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A Bird Out Of Place

Eastern_Wild_Turkey_HenThis morning I had to make an emergency run to Milwaukee to pick up some very necessary medication for Ken. As I pulled onto the four-lane highway that would take me north to my destination, there was a wild turkey stuck in the middle of the road. The poor bird screaming and was running to and fro, not knowing what to do, which really isn’t surprising because you see, turkeys are not the brightest birds in the world. But, I’m happy to say motorists slowed down to give this confused bird a chance to think about his next step.

This lone bird must have lost his flock. Perhaps he slept late and missed the day”s excursion with his buddies. But there he was he was frantically wandering through the traffic, looking for a safe way out. His tail feathers were down on the ground. There would be no showy plumage today.

Can you image being that bird in the middle of such heavy traffic? All around there was mechanical behemoths whizzing by you. His terror must have freaked him out! But after a short time, he finally stumbled onto the boulevard which divides the north and south lanes traffic. Then the cars and trucks commenced moving slowly as they watched the lonely bird. I couldn’t watch what came next. I hope he found the courage to spread his wings and flew OVER the cars and land safely in a wooded area or around some pond. I hope he found his flock and was able to return with a good wake-up story. It’s not often you see a wild turkey in the city.

As I continued toward my morning destination, I thought this bird must have felt a little bit like I did when I walked the streets of Manhattan for the first time. I couldn’t get my natural bearings because the buildings are so tall you can’t see the sun. It took  me a while to realize the street signs gave the headings of east, west, north and south, so that helped. But I live in a place where there are no subways, taxis, and buses that never run on schedule, so everyone drives their own car to get where they need to go. So, like the bird I wandered to and fro from one tourist site to another, hoping I’d get good directions from helpful folks.

Luckily, though, I traveled with my girlfriends into the unfamiliar culture and big city. I made sure we stayed together and didn’t get into trouble because we might wander into an unsafe part of the city. I can only hope, the poor, lost wild turkey caught up with his family and friends and will rest easy tonight after a harrowing start to his day.

True Love Shown on Valentine’s

Today, I’m Grateful.

bleeding heart

I’ve come from the depths of despair to be revived by my dear friends and my beautiful in-laws who have all surrounded me with their love. I wasn’t going to talk about my situation, but I have to speak. It’s too beautiful not to pass on to you.

Just so you all know, for my entire life I have not been a slacker. I’ve been a doer. A leader. A hard worker. A person who wasn’t afraid to take the road “less traveled.”  For example, I was managing websites, when I barely knew what the Internet was back in 1995.  I’ve explored different careers. I’ve been a secretary, an adult college student, a business writer, an E-Commerce manager, a financial adviser, and an author with five books under my belt and two more ready for the editor. My latest career as a caretaker for my dear husband who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis is by far the most challenging of my life.  But that’s enough about me. I find tooting my own horn crass.

I just want you to understand, I’ve always paid my bills on time without fail . . . until the last year. And on Tuesday, my car was repossessed.

After Ken and I got all our junk out of the car, I handed the tow truck driver my keys. I didn’t cry. Instead, I sat in my chair with a numbness I can’t explain. It was almost as if this horrible, humiliating thing had just happened to someone else. That evening, Ken and I looked at each other and wondered where our lives had gone so wrong.

After a couple of hours of accepting what had happened, I found enough strength to call a friend. Then another. Ken called his parents. Before we knew it, the ball was rolling and we were surrounded in love. “It’ll be all right, Barb.” They all said. Then they took action.

By the next day, my dear father-in-law went to the bank and paid off the balance of our loan. My other friend, Jackie gave me money to get the car off the impound lot. Terry brought me the reflux medicine I needed. And Kay told me this morning that she’s going to spearhead some kind of fund raiser to help us.

The moral to this very personal story is this: Friends are the greatest gifts the Universe gives us. It’s evident  God works through them whenever He/She can. They are more precious than gold.

So, on this Valentine’s Day, be sure to give all of your friends and family a big hug and let them know how dear they are to you. They are special blessings. My story is sound proof.

Happy Valentine’s Everyone. Thanks for reading.