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Inspiration in the Backyard

Yesterday I had energy to burn. I buzzed through my chores, wrote a couple of chapters on my next novel. Arranged a meeting with yet another state agency on Friday, and then I enjoyed the afternoon on the patio with paint, brushes, canvas and easel. That’s right. I had enough time to paint. Ernie kept me company while happily chewing on a rawhide bone.

The afternoon was cool and just breezy enough to be comfortable and not strong enough to blow my supplies around. I’ve been dying to do this for some time now, so I was “in spirit” as the afternoon sped by as I slapped some acrylic paint down on my canvas. You see, my dear father-in-law has been spending many retirement hours in his basement making frames for my paintings. It was time to fill at least one of them.

It’s rare when something nice turns out the first time around, but yesterday the planets aligned and this is what happened. I love sunsets.

Appreciating A Sunset

I love sunsets. I love to watch the sky explode with beautiful color and then fade to black. The ebb and flow of exploding color always takes my breath away.  Sunsets are kind of like the fruition of a great movie. They excite me, then calm me, and leave me with something wonderful to take away. In fact, I’ve seen a couple of sunsets that I will never forget.

I’ll never forget the sunset I saw while sitting at a restaurant in the Miami harbor. In every direction there were vivid yellows, pinks, corals, and lavender, that blended with hints of blue. The color reflected off the water of the harbor and the whole area was alive. But I seemed to be the only person who was enthralled by the sight. While others shoveled down their meals, I sat with my mouth open looking out the window. I was in my own world not able to speak.Miami_sunset_3

The second sunset I’ll never forget was when I was flying home from Puerto Rico. This time, I didn’t have a picture window to view the amazing sight; all I had was the tiny window of the plane that revealed only a small part of the amazing colors. I sat with my nose pressed against the glass, my eyes darting from left to right to witness flying THROUGH the color. But again, I seemed to be the only person who was extremely excited by by the event.sunset from a plane (1)

In both instances, the indifference of people around me was a great annoyance. Was what they were doing SO important that they couldn’t pause for a couple of minutes and bask in the beauty? I don’t think anything is THAT important! After all, sunsets are fleeting moments of only a few minutes. The color fades away quietly without fanfare. So why do so many people take this amazing event for granted? Why can’t the sunset get its due appreciation?

I’ll never get the answer to that. I suppose it can be chalked up to people being different. Perhaps they see beauty in other places. Who knows?

All I know is, I will never tire of seeing an outstanding sunset. There’s nothing more romantic than sitting on a beach or holding hands in a restaurant while gazing out a large picture window, or even on a plane looking out the tiny window while mother nature paints the sky in a way no human can. It’s simply heavenly. It’s natural, but it’s a miracle. And it’s there for the taking–everyday. (Well almost everyday. Can’t count the rainy ones, can I?)

So the next time you have a chance to see the sunset, relax. Be quiet. Let the sun and the reflecting clouds fill your soul with excitement. After all, it will be over before you can get comfortable. And best of all, it’s FREE.