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Cold Weather Strategies

With temperatures in Chicago colder than Siberia, and temperatures where I live even colder than that, Ken and I are hunkered down with 60% of the rest of the country. We all have our own strategy to keep warm.

Vinnie, my shy cat, has parked his fat little body in front of the heating vent as a constant stream of warm air emits from the furnace.scan0001

Ernie is dressed in his sweater, perched in his favorite spot on the back of the couch, keeping a watchful eye on everything going on outside our window. I think he actually felt sorry for the mailman this morning because he neglected to bark as poor Travis dropped the mailbox.

Christmas Party 015

Ken and I are still in our flannel pajamas, wrapped in a fleece bathrobes, under an electric blanket, while we both type away on our laptop. He’s been working on his word search puzzles, while I’ve drafted three new chapters for my novel. That in itself warms my heart. Writer’s block has miraculously left me and my mind is once again communing with my characters again. It’s a good day.

But as I stay toasty, I pray for others who are not as fortunate to have a warm place to wait out this arctic cold snap. With temperatures at fifteen degrees below zero and wind chills between thirty and forty degrees below zero, the weather has been the headline story for the lower 48 states. In fact, last night anchor people spoke about “warming places” that have been established, so people can get out of the dangerous cold. At these places, people can also get hats, gloves, mittens, sweaters, and other warm clothes, as well as something warm to drink. In the background of the location, I could see small children with their parents trying to stay warm, and this image made me sad.

It’s my opinion people shouldn’t be homeless in a country of such wealth, but then, I’m a bleeding heart liberal who thinks human rights and dignity are more important than developing more and more weapons that can obliterate a population. I think taking care of our citizens should be a priority, not an obligation . . . Silly me.

So stay safe if you’re lucky enough to have a nice warm home as Mother Nature does her worst. Remember those indoor projects you never have time to complete? Now’s the time to get them done.

If you’re lucky to be in a warmer place, count your blessings. We northerners will pray for you in the summertime. Promise.