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Preparing for Spring

The winter this year has been abominable for most of the country. Last year, we knew we were pretty lucky because we enjoyed temps of 60’s and 70’s in April.backyard 005

Here it is May and we’ve enjoyed exactly two days of temps in the low 60’s. A couple of daffodils have been brave enough to bloom. Now is the time brave Wisconsinites put on hoodies, tune-up lawn mowers, clear the yard of old leaves, pull out the patio furniture, and keep fingers crossed it will not snow again until next December.

As far as weather is concerned, I’m skeptical. I haven’t done any of the above–with the exception of putting on a hoodie. I don’t want to plant my fragile posies only to have them frozen by a deep freeze as I slumber under two blankets and a comforter.

I do figure at some point Mother Nature will give in and bless us with temperatures that don’t require outerwear. So, yesterday I took a big step. I went to the garden store and bought dirt. Yup. Three bags of high-power Miracle Grow Potting Soil. You see two of them, as Ernie photo-bombed the picture. The colorful bag with big, bright blooms was only two bucks a bag, and I figured when I do finally get to planting flowers, the poor little plants will stand a good chance to produce a summer of healthy blooms.
backyard 003

I also bought the two new large green pots to replace the winter weather beaten pots which have were destroyed by the colder than usual temps. These pots look like they have suffered through a war of the worlds.

backyard 004

So, when Mother Nature decides to grant us “normal” weather, with sunshine and temperatures that hover in the 70’s, I’ll put on my gardening gloves and go to town.

I’ll send pictures.

A New Look For Spring

tulip4According to the calendar, it’s Spring, but the drooping jet stream has done its best to get the ground hog fired and keep old man winter around for a few more weeks. Even so, Easter is around the corner. We’ll just have to wear fleece hats instead of an Easter bonnet.

Because winter has lasted SO LONG this year, I have a terrible case of Spring fever. This week I put away any leftover winter stuff that was hiding in my back room and began “feathering my nest” to bring spring alive in my house. I resurrected all of my bunny rabbits, pastel Spring silk flower arrangements, and other Spring trinkets from the basement. And voila! Spring! Indoors at least.

When I trolled the grocery store this week they had hydrangeas that were round and a beautiful shade of blue. Little did I know she would jump into my cart and follow me to the check out station.  The same thing happened to me at the Big Lots store when a cute little purple perennial did the same thing. So, with the help of these two plants, my final touch to my Spring transformation was a couple of  REAL flowering plants.

In this spirit of my spring housecleaning/sprucing up, I decided to give my blog the look of spring, too. Ordinarily, I’m not a lover of pink–it’s a little too girly-girl for me, but this  new Bouquet Theme just tripped my trigger. I LOVE it! I just hope I haven’t alienated all the males in the reading community. Remember, guys, it take a real man to wear pink, so you should be able to look at it for a couple of minutes. 🙂

So even though it’s still as cold as a witch’s tit outside, I’m sending you all this bouquet of tulips. In other years I could have picked them in my own yard, but not this year. We still have over a foot of snow on the ground for Pete’s sake!

Have a great Spring Day wherever you are — except for those of you in the southern hemisphere, that is.

Prime Time for Primroses

primroseA couple of weeks ago I was in the grocery store, heading down the home stretch to the check-out, when a beautiful little plant called to me. It was a pink and yellow Primrose.

I have always had a soft spot for these dainty little flowers because they signal that Spring is just around the corner. Right. It’s January in Wisconsin. Who am I kidding? This far north, winter has been known to stretch well into the month of May!

The plant was marked 99 cents, so I picked her up and brought her home. I planted her in a pretty little fluted vase and gave her the position of honor on my kitchen table. For some reason, I smile every time I look at her lush green leaves and sweet little pink flowers. I talk to her and tell her how beautiful she is. Hopefully, my encouragement will help her live.

You see, there’s a problem. My house has a tendency to kill plants I bring home. I have no good place to give plants what they usually need–sunlight–direct or otherwise. The best I can do is pray everyday that this sweet little beauty will be brave enough to live long enough so I can safely plant her outside. I’m hoping this time will be different because she’s already brought me many smiles on a cold day. . . like today, when the windchill temperature is 25 degrees BELOW zero.

I think having flowering spring plants in the house during the dead of winter is a kind of therapy for me. Cabin fever is something all northerners suffer several times during our long winters and having bulbs like daffodils and tulips and flowers like this sweet little primrose coming to life in the house is as exciting as seeing them erupt in our gardens in the spring.

Are we impatient for the warmer temperatures of spring? You betcha! Winters are just too stinking long up here. I think November to March is long enough, but sometimes winter invades spring. In fact, sometimes we just jump from winter to summer and skip spring altogether!

So, I’m saying an extra fervent prayer to the plant gods to let my little primrose live. I’ll be doubly delighted when I plant her outside in my yard and watch come back to me after suffering a long, hard winter next year.