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The Human Connection

handsDo you ever wonder why you connect with one person and not another? Why do we develop friendships and associations with certain people and not with others? What makes such a thing happen, and more so, why do some relationships last a lifetime and others don’t?

Some short-term relationships can be beneficial and help you grow in a direction you want to pursue, while other relationships are with people who journey with you for a lifetime,  allowing you to express your talents and gifts and meet you on a deeper level.

Some people believe it’s simple chemistry which brings us together. I like to think meeting your soul mate or a friend who is closer than blood, is more than some chemical reaction. Wouldn’t it make sense if relationships are just a chemical reaction, they eventually peter out?

Some people believe we are attracted to other people based on the energy they radiate.  I think we can all agree that we operate on some kind of internal electricity, right? So, it makes sense when a person’s “vibe” is the kind of energy we want to acquire, we feel a strong attraction to them. Just being with them helps us adjust our energy so we can learn and grow from them to make changes in our own lives.

The result is this: relationships with other people is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself.  If you are troubled, your relationships with others will be troubled. If you are “in tune” to your true self, you will have friends who are like you, enrich you, and connect with you.

With the death of my father and my dear sister-in-law in the past month, I have been thinking about the life beyond our conscious life.  I’m not sure if I believe in reincarnation, but I do like the concept. To think that we travel one life after another with people we love is a wonderful idea, especially after losing a person we dearly love. Knowing we never have to say goodbye forever is comforting. The idea we will go to some heavenly place after death free of pain and care to be reunited with people who went before us is also comforting. I surely hope it is true.

I need to believe my life has a purpose. I am on a journey to improve my soul on the way to enlightenment–where I understand the truths of this life and beyond. Perhaps I am more Buddhist than I know.  I do think the journey we all are experiencing is to try to heal personal wounds and  find peace inside. We must learn to love who we are, and then no matter where the journey takes us, the right people will show up and then we will never travel alone again.


Thoughts About Reincarnation

Ernie the PugMy brain works in mysterious ways. It always has questions that need answering. I wonder about strange things. I ask myself a lot of  “what ifs”. You know,  like: “What if the world was really flat, what would happen when you fell off?” “What would happen if money really grew on trees?” “What would the world be like if people immediately refused to fight?”

This morning I woke thinking about reincarnation. After all, how many times have you heard someone say, “The next time, I’m coming back as a (fill in the blank)”?” My Aunt Dorthy always said the next time she was coming back she would be a little bird, so he could poop on everybody who had been mean to her. Watch out bullies!

So, I wondered what it be like if I could come back in my next life  as a dog. And not just any dog, it would have to be a pug dog.  After all, I’ve never met a pug owner who doesn’t think their dog is the cutest, smartest and most loving companion on the planet.

Think about this. When I opened my eyes this morning, my faithful pal Ernie was snuggled up against my side, snoring in a deep slumber amongst a thick fleece blanket. When he realized I was awake, he rolled over for me to give him his morning tummy rub. Then he stretched, got up on his feet and snuggled in for some more petting.

Now I know for all of you who don’t have pets who sleep with you, this is probably gross, but for those of you who understand this pet-human connection, you’re probably saying, “Awwww.”

Ernie has a great life. The hardest thing he has to do is go outside in the cold or rain to do “his business.” The other humiliating thing he has to do is eat cold, dry dog food from a bowl that’s on the floor. But for the rest of his day, he has soft chairs to snooze on, he’s stroked a good share of the day, and he is loved as much as any grandchild. He travels with me when I go away for more than a few hours, and he makes me proud by being a perfect dog when I go to friends’ homes. (Except for the time when he initiated my friend Heidi’s new house with a lifted leg. Then he was a BAD DOG! and was publicly scolded.)

But all in all, Ernie’s got a great life. He doesn’t have to worry about any creature comforts. He doesn’t have to worry about where his next meal is coming from. He doesn’t have to deal with telemarketers or creditors when the phone rings. Everyone who knows him, loves him. He naps when he wants. He gets treats everyday, and all he has to do is be his cute little self.

Yeah, It’s settled. The next time I come back, I’ll be a chubby, bright-eyed, happy, pampered pug to be doted upon for the rest of my days.

What will you be in your next life?