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The Very Queer Query

I have had my first four books published by PublishAmerica. For the most part, it has been a good relationship, but I want to move to the next level, so I’ve been researching how to find a literary agent. Like my writing students, I’m going back to school as an adult –only my schooling is self-taught.

As we all know, publishing is a whole different world from that of writing. It’s the “left brain” business side of things with lots of rules that most “right brain” writers don’t understand. Most writers find publishing a scary adventure into the unknown. BUT, I realize  if I ever want to receive an advance of more than $1.00 and subsequent royalties, I must face the fear and move on. It’s time to grow up!  Take a chance.Get ready to get rejected!

The good news is, I don’t have to go alone because I have the Internet to help me look smart and savvy. If there’s one thing my ego can’t stand, it’s appearing dumb.

Through the magic of Google, I found an excellent couple of books by Noah Lukeman that map out tips to finding the right agent. He provides great information, and I will follow his instructions, but Holy Cow, what a job!  This process is harder than writing the book!  He says I must develop my own database of over 50 agents who might be interested in taking me on as a client. That’s a lot of agents!

However, Mr. Lukeman has made this mysterious process less scary. As a successful agent himself, he decided to write and give his two books away to the writing community that unveil the secrets of securing an agent.  He didn’t have to do that. He could sell his books and all of us “starving artists” could keep on starving. We would continue to stumble our way through the publishing darkness, but thanks to Mr. Lukeman we have a flashlight to find our way.

So thanks, Mr. Lukeman, I appreciate your help. Your books will make me look like a professional as I search for “my person.” I am in your debt.