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Lost in a Sea of Words

writingA professional must go to work whether he or she wants to or not–this simple fact separates amateurs from the real deal. When I graduated from college, I pursued a professional writing career, which has taken me through twenty years of freelance and staff work. I’ve written technical copy, ad copy, brochure writing, newsletter writing, training materials, web copy, etc. I was a kind of jack of all trades kind of writer to keep employed.

Now I’m retired and I’m still writing. My writing nowadays is either reflexive pieces or storytelling through novels and short stories, which is a lot more fun than writing about farm equipment or sensors or switches, but the pay is not as lucrative.

Writing always offers a challenge no matter what kind of writing is involved. I think that is why I like it so much. The only time I don’t like the task is when I’m too tired, too discouraged, or too frustrated because I feel like I have nothing to say. Like right now. But I’m a professional, right? I should be able to come up with something profound, and if I keep typing it might happen. Not. Some days even professionals have an off day.

I’m mainly writing these words to let you know I’m still alive with a promise of something more entertaining next week. Part of my funk comes from recovering from criticism of another blogger chastising me for not spelling Stephen King’s name correctly in my last post (along with other not so nice comments). She took the wind out of my sails because a great deal of what she said was right. So, I’m parking my writing boat in a slip to sail another day.

Even a professional needs to take a day off once in a while to recharge her batteries for another day.