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Dell Computer’s Day Off

Yesterday my computer went on strike for a day. It booted up and pretended to be normal, but when I touched the keys nothing came out on the screen. It was like my ever-faithful partner in writing had laryngitis. It would not or could not speak. My heart sank. My normal routine wasn’t happening today. I had to get it to the doctor ASAP. I was disconnected. I couldn’t work. For a day, I would be silent.

Because I believe most everything happens for a reason, not being able to use my computer forced me to do other things. I made a killer pot of cauliflower cream soup and barbecue pork chops for dinner. I went downtown to see my friend Doug who is good enough to put my handcrafted jewelry creations in his store. And later in the day, I took Ken out to meet his friend Patrick. Both of them suffer from serious diseases–Ken with MS, and Patrick with Type I diabetes. We met at McDonald’s, sat near the gas fireplace and on a cold, windy, November day the three of us warmed ourselves inside with coffee and laughter and outside with the warmth of the fireplace. It was a nice time.

After I brought Ken home, I took my problematic computer to a local business, hoping that the “fix” would not be serious or at the very least, inexpensive. The technician opened the laptop, booted it up and was able to put in my password! I kid you not! I watched him do it. And just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, he did it again. Whatever was wrong in the early morning wasn’t wrong any longer. My faithful friend got her voice back!

I scurried home and immediately called up my Facebook page to see what I missed. (I guess that says something about social media, huh?) Then I checked my two email accounts and after all of that, I sat down and started working on my new nonfiction creative piece I will submit for a grant later this year.

I’m so thankful that my computer “speech” problem went away on it’s own, and believe me, I will never take her for granted again.