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Know Any “Nice Guys?”

working togetherHave you ever wondered why people believe that “Nice Guys Finish Last?” I know I have. Today, it’s almost a prerequisite  a person must be a crook or a psychopath to be successful.  Maybe not a clinical psychopath, but at least a person who has no trouble laying people off before Christmas. These people would rather sell their soul to the devil than to ever fail.

Do we really relish these people destined to end up on the “American Greed” television program? Do we want to know about people who cheat and steal? Perhaps we feel vindicated when a bad guy gets what he or she deserves. But it baffles me why selfish, mean bastards always seem to end up on the top of the world, able to enjoy all of the wonderful things money can buy.

I think Nice Guys “finish last” because they don’t CARE about finishing FIRST. They’re too busy working to worry about the news media. They don’t need publicity to do what is right. They have a special gene which dictates they must make things better, make people feel good about themselves, and make the world a better place.  They don’t get angry, they get to work. They treat others fairly. They are tough in all the right ways. They care about their communities and don’t need the notoriety. Most nice guys I know would rather work quietly behind the scenes, instead of standing in the spotlight.

I liked nice guys. They’re strong people with principles. They’re genuine and caring. You don’t have to guess what they’re thinking; they will gladly tell you. They don’t let petty injustices get the best of them. They have courage to do what is right. They get up everyday, work hard and win the respect of those around them. They are the heroes of the world.

Oh, and one more thing — nice guys aren’t always male.