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Murphy’s Law in Action

murphys_lawToday was one of those “Murphy” days. You know, what could go wrong, will go wrong. (See the sign?)

I spent the morning cutting grass and then attempted to trim the edges. I dragged out three extension cord and plugged them together, so I could reach around the front of the house with the trimmer. Just before I got to the farthest edge, the darn thing ran out of string. I threw the trimmer on the ground, and stamped my feet like a two year old. Damn! In that one moment, the frustration of a lot of things came out. My usual controlled self took a powder and the raging bitch emerged.

I yelled, “I didn’t sign up for this! This was supposed to be Ken’s job. Not mine!”  In my mind, grass is men’s work. My dad did it. Then my brother’s did it. Then my ex-husband did it. I never touched a lawnmower until now. Yuck!

To soothe my weed-whacker blues, I went into the house, drank a BIG glass of water, plopped down in front of my morning soap opera, and then played a couple of rounds of Candy Crush–only to lose each round.

To change my mood, I asked Ken to go out for lunch. We had a few minutes of fun at the Burger King, enjoying the $4 senior special and the oldies they were playing over the radio. After we were full of grease and sugar, I drove to the Walgreen’s for a quick prescription pick up and then it would be home to grade tests and evaluate student paragraphs. At least that was the plan.

When I went to pay for my ONE prescription, it turned out I didn’t have enough money in the checking account to cover it. Ouch. I hate it when that happens, but somehow when I go to buy something for me, the funds are too low. Every time it does, I’m embarrassed, and I end the event by apologizing to the clerk for causing so much trouble and leave defeated again.

These financial downturns are part of the trip down the MS road, and today, it was too much. I drove home in silence and walked into the backyard, took a deep breath and looked around. Even the grass still needs to be mowed, I found peace by just looking at the paper poppies and all of the flowers I’ve planned to delight our spring and summer. Even though much of the yard is over-grown and needs some serious weeding and trimming, it still was beautiful.

The Agony & Ecstasy of Spring Gardening

spring gardenNow that the weather is staying warm for a couple of days in a row, I enjoy the morning hours writing to the sounds of many birds chirping. It’s so peaceful to hear them singing to one another. I’m thankful we live in a neighborhood that has big trees so they stay around. In fact, one of the tallest trees on our city block is planted in my backyard. Never mind it’s a messy locust tree with teeny little leaves that get into everything, and it sends baby locust trees all over my yard that I happily mow down with my lawn mower. The tree provides a nice perch for so many outdoor friends.

But now its time to get off my butt and start discovering what happened to my yard after the long winter. I sure wish I could look out the backyard and it would look like the picture above, but that’s just a dream. A fantasy.

Without looking I know the weeds are doing well. I sure wish they weren’t such hardy critters. I did notice that the hyacinths are blooming because I smelled their beautiful fragrance. The daffodils across the street are in bloom, so mine must be close behind. Tulips will come later. Now is the time to resurrect the dormant geraniums from the basement and encourage them to grow again. I always get such joy from watching my flowers awaken and assure me that spring is here–even though the weatherman often tells a different story.

But like all chores, I have to lay the foundation before I can get to the real fun. That means picking up sticks and getting rid of old clutter that covers the lawn–like dead leaves and debris that blew in over the late fall and winter months.  The next step is to tune up the lawn mower, so it will run through the summer months again. This is my least favorite gardening chore–probably because I always had a man in my life who took on that responsibility up until now. I guess I’m lucky that I’ve had to endure the chore just recently since Ken can’t walk any more.

So, if I miss a post in the coming months. Don’t worry about me. I’m just outside enjoying the birds and flowers — or cutting the grass that grows with so little effort.

Happy spring!

Thanks for reading.