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Angels in The Flesh

November 28 006Yesterday I missed posting on my blog because I had to process everything that happened this week. If I was a cynic, I would look at the happenings as lessons in humility. Instead, I think God sent me angels.

I wrote about the episode in the pharmacy where I came up short to buy my medication, so that was one event. Two days later at the grocery store, I also came up short at the cash register. I truly thought what was left on my food stamp card and the few pennies I had in my bank account two days ago would cover my purchases. But alas, I was wrong again. I began eliminating items from my cart to get down to the bare essentials, only to find I was still ten dollars short.  Behind me a line of customers had grown and my predicament was holding them up. I wanted to cry and run from the store because I was so embarrassed.

Then the lady behind me pulled out a ten dollar bill and handed it to the clerk. She said, “Please let me help you. It is my pleasure. I believe in paying it forward.” This time I wanted to cry, but not from embarrassment, but from gratefulness. This stranger reached out to me and offered a generous gift. Who was I not to accept it?

This event happened right after I had just taught a class. I gave my students an assignment to write about a person who came into their life and thought they were worthy of being treated special. Over half the class felt there was no such person in their life. Isn’t that sad? It’s hard for me to believe they saw the world as such a cold and uncaring place when here a perfect stranger extended overwhelming kindness to me.

And the kindness didn’t stop there. In the afternoon, the lady from the IRIS Medicaid program came by for a meeting with good news. Ken has received a start date of June 2 for the program. I also had been approved to take care of him. What this means is I will get paid to take care of him–something I’ve been doing for over three years because I deeply love my husband. The good news also means that Medicaid will pay for all of his medical expenses. Talk about manna falling from heaven!

Yesterday, another angel crossed my path with a gift. One of my dearest friends read the account about my inability to buy my medication, and she handed me money to cover the cost. This time, I did burst into tears.

The morale of the story is God does hear your prayers. According to the Christian Bible, Jesus told us, “Ask and you shall receive.” He wasn’t lying. So, I am grateful for all of the help, and I will pray for my students who haven’t felt the goodness which is in all of us.