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When Santa Didn’t Come to Town

Presents and SantaIt’s Christmas morning, and I’m listening to the boys who live next door playing with their new holiday toys. They’re screaming and yelling like boys do. The sound of their shouts and laughter make me happy. They are playing like children should on Christmas morning.

My husband and I are having a quiet morning inside. He’s busying himself with loading new software onto his computer, while I’m writing my blog and playing a Facebook game that has me addicted. I’ve also drafted a new chapter of my latest novel, while I enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a light breakfast. We’re both still in our jammies and it’s almost noon. It’s a perfect Christmas morning.

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it when my children were small and wide-eyed when they came downstairs on Christmas morning. But by the time they were five and eight years old, they would have the presents unwrapped before I had the coffee made. One year, I missed seeing their joy as they tore through their presents like a F-5 tornado. I made a pact with myself that would never happen again. I needed to outwit these children to slow them down.

So, the next year when they came down on Christmas morning, there were NO Christmas presents under the tree. The cookies and milk that they left for Santa were still sitting there, but the carrot had been gnawed. On the plate there was a note that read:

Dear Amy and Sarah,

Santa got the flu on Christmas Eve, so I volunteered to help. But I did it my way.

Love the Easter Bunny.

Easter Bunny

I remember their surprised, confused little faces as they tried to figure out what the note meant. Then like a light bulb coming over the head of a cartoon figure, Sarah said, “Oh, no! The Easter Bunny must have hid our presents!”

Sure enough. That’s just what had happened. So, while my two daughters searched every inch of our four-bedroom house, I made the coffee and set out the sweet rolls, so their father and I could enjoy them searching for their presents. It’s one of my fondest memories of our Christmases together. And now that they are adults living away from home, it’s one of theirs, too.

Merry Christmas Everyone