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A “Cup of Joe” with Prolific Heroine

It’s Sunday. And once again, I find myself inspired by a story I saw on CBS Sunday Morning. Today the program presented a piece on novelist, Nora Roberts — you know the woman who fills the shelves of bookstores and libraries with romantic tales. As the interviewer talked with her, I dreamed of having coffee with Nora and talking “shop.”

Okay, ‘fess up! I’m sure most of you out there in “Internet-land” have dreamed about meeting someone you admire. I know you do. In fact, several years ago I remember an author having “A Conversation With God.” My goals are much less lofty than having a conversation with the Big Guy, I would just like to talk to a very successful author. Nora Roberts is such a person. She’s my age and has written over 200 books! Plus, she’s realized my biggest dream–she makes a lot of money by writing stories that millions of people want to read!

Holy Cow! Who wouldn’t want to talk to someone like her?

I also  just finished editing my latest novel entitled, “The Love Immigrants.”  This book is the fourth book in the “Apple Pie and Strudel Girls” series, and I must say, I was so surprised by my reaction to rereading this story to find typos, punctuation, grammar and other errors.  As I finished reading page 314, I was blubbering like a baby. It’s the first time I remember when something I wrote brought on such an emotional response. At first I felt silly to be crying over something I had scribbled down–that kind of emotion is usually reserved for something someone else has written. But, then I was thrilled that something I created brought me such strong emotions because ultimately, it will stir the same kind of response from my readers–I hope.

I don’t want to tell you what specifically brought tears to my eyes, but I will tell you that this story is one about the strong bond between women. It’s shows how women support one another when others fall short. It’s a story about times when words don’t bring comfort. It’s reveals why women need each other.  Okay, yes, I suppose it’s more of a “chick read” than some of the other books, but so be it. I’m a “chick.” If Nora can write stories about strong women, so can I.

Now that the edits are completed and submitted to the publisher, it becomes a waiting game for the book to be released. So far, I don’t have a date. I’m thinking it will be after the first of the year because “Tea and Biscuit Girls” has just been released on September 18. I’m excited that I’m filling up my book case with books, but I’m sure, I’ll never catch Nora Roberts.

And if any of you know her, let her know I’ll buy at Starbucks!