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A Little Storm is BIG News

Oak Trees In the Snow at DawnToday I’ve been struggling for a suitable topic for my blog. Usually when my feet hit the floor in the morning, I have some inspiration, but when I rose today, my head was only filled with thoughts of my mundane chores of feeding the critters and making coffee.

When I hit a dry spell, I turn to the Internet to spark my imagination. But this morning, I found no sparks to light my fire. The only option left is to I talk about the weather.

Today we’re bracing for a  BIG storm of four to eight inches of the white stuff . For any native Wisconsinite, this is just a winter hiccup. Anything less than eight inches is hardy a concern. But not according to the news media. In their eyes, everybody should rush to the grocery store for provisions to hunker down and wait out the blizzard.

Four to Eight inches! In Wisconsin! Come on!

When I turned on the television this morning reporters were stationed around the five-county area to report on the situation. (I don’t recall it even snowing in any one of the reports.) One reporter picked up a handful of snow that was evidently on the ground from a previous storm and showed how it was wet enough to make a decent snowball. Then there were stories about the readiness of the snow-plowing equipment and the abundance of salt to spread on the icy roads. They turned  a usual thirty- minute broadcast into a twenty-minute weather report, the rest of the news is squeezed into five measly minutes, and the sport’s report is lucky to get one minute of air time. (I know. I know. This doesn’t add up to 30 minutes, but don’t forget we have to have commercials to pay for this nonsense!)

Honestly. I laughed out loud!

Then I got angry. Why does the news media seem to be dedicated to scare everybody? No wonder we live in a culture of fearful people. Blowing such a minor storm out of proportion is a perfect example of how “news” promotes fear at all cost. I’m sick of this ridiculous reporting.  Come on, people! Get some perspective!

The only thing the television station proved was they have enough talented reporters to make a story out of NOTHING!