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Miracles Never Cease!

flowers 003My world is perfect today. I mean it. PERFECT! The weather is sunny, warm, breezy. The birds are chirping. The house is quiet and serene. And for the last week, miracles have come into my life–one after another.

I told you about the fixes to our money situation, but that pales compared to the news I got yesterday. Believe it or not, my Dad is NOT DYING! I kid you not. His failing kidneys have fixed themselves and through proof of a blood test, his kidneys are functioning normally. Everyone is flabbergasted.

Of course, he’s still got cancer, and he’s very weak because he’s been in bed for over two weeks, but who wouldn’t be? I tell you, this man is amazing. He’s shooting for his 90th birthday.

We all thought his rebound was temporary, except for Dad. He complained the hospital staff didn’t do anything for him. He complained they didn’t take him for a walk or do any therapy. He rejected the morphine that was ordered. Hospice patients typically don’t do such things, do they?

So, now he is being moved to the nursing home for 30 days to regain his strength. There he’ll have company all of the time because through various stays he’s gotten to know the staff. He told me the people there are nice to him and he didn’t mind staying there for short bits. After he gains his release, he’ll go back home with home health care nurses coming to check in on him.

That’s the real miracle in all of this. The human spirit calls the shots. He’ll go home; and if he wants to, he’ll die on his own terms. No one deserves this more than my father. He’s the hero in my life.