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A Review is In!

Latest Novel from McCloskey

Latest Novel from McCloskey

After writing a novel, getting it published, implementing some kind of marketing plan, there’s one more step a writer must face to let people know you’ve written a story worthy of readers’ time. That step my friends, is to open up the book  to reviewers. Yesterday I received a review from Miranda Prather, a professional reviewer who posted her thoughts on GoodReads.com.

Here’s what she had to say:

Set in the World War II era, FINDING GESSLER, by Barbara Celeste McCloskey shows the tragedy and heroism of that time by focusing on a single young family torn apart as the Nazi’s rise to power begins and falls. Fans of McCloskey’s previous historical fiction will not be disappointed here in the attention to detail this writer is rightfully known for. She does not leave to chance that her fictional account is anything less than authentic when it comes to the fact of the era. Old and new readers alike will find in the Gessler family a tender portrait of just what it was really like to have families torn apart by the horrors of anti-Semitism. Through all the tragedy though, McCloskey makes sure to emphasize that hope is greater than all, turning the horrors into a moment of inspiring courage and love that will uplift readers. The author populates her pages with enough intrigue to keep readers guessing, along with well imagined characters. This book will not disappoint anyone looking for solid, meaningful story-telling with engaging characters that readers will invest their emotions in.

Here’s the link, should you want to read the same thing again! http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/682353052

Needless to say, I’m happy about what she had to say.

At the same time, my next novel has been selected for publication. I thought about self-publishing this one through Amazon.com, but when I saw it would cost me over $1,000 to go that route, I had to shelve the idea. PublishAmerica might have faults with the publishing community, but at least I get my stories out to the world without having to pay upfront. Their staff has proven to be easy to work with, and I’ve been happy with the look of my books. Now if only Barnes & Noble would be more cooperative to put my books on their shelves! Maybe with their huge distribution I’d stand a chance of seeing some royalties. Until then, I’m looking for the “Novel Gods” to intercede and bring my stories to the attention of a big, rich publisher who believes in my work and will pay me well.

If you’re interested in reading FINDING GESSLER, you can get a taste of it on Amazon.com in a few days. I have authorized them to produce a “Look Inside” tease to make you want to read more!


Writing for Royalties?

Cover_immigrantsThe royalty reports are in from the publisher, and I’m sorry to say, two of my books, STRANGER IN THE SPOTLIGHT and THE LOVE IMMIGRANTS have not sold well, so no royalties. I tell myself I’m not writing to make money–which is only partially true. The biggest part of me wants my books to be read. So the news was a little disheartening.

What makes me mad is I think  THE LOVE IMMIGRANTS” is probably the best book I’ve written, so far. It’s a story about war brides leaving their European homes FOREVER.  They will most likely never see their families again, plus they are going to a world that is very different from the one they know.

Even though Americans and most of Europe speak English, that’s where the similarities end. Cultural differences can be overwhelming because the nuances of a culture are learned by being a member of that culture.

And if that wasn’t enough, the women only knew their men during wartime. War heightens every sense, and life is lived on the edge because there is a real fear that there will be no future. Now these same men, will be different–first because they have returned to their home and familiar surroundings, and second their lives will settle back into the mundane everyday things we all do, instead of offering excitement.

So, when I learned that I didn’t sell any copies of this novel, I was heartbroken because this is a good story! (Can’t you just see my humbleness.) 

Part of the problem is because this book was released sooner than I anticipated. Within a month of TEA AND BISCUIT GIRLS, it was out there, too. Those of you who follow my blog know that I have very limited coins for things like marketing my novels, but it is clear that I have to scrape some money together to give THE LOVE IMMIGRANTS a chance.

So, if you know any laid-off fairy-godmothers, send her my way. Or maybe good Karma will come –or maybe a teaching assignment for the summer. Somethings gotta give.