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Tick, Tock, Manipulate the Clock

Today we got an extra hour of sleep. I suppose to some folks this is important, but I am not a fan of the switch from Day Light Savings Time to Standard Time. I think the whole idea is outdated and only annoys those of us who own digital clocks.

This simple change has a profound affect on me. I get cranky and want to be in bed by 9 p.m. because, of course, it feels like 10 p.m. I whine about it getting dark at four in the afternoon, and the sun waking me before 6 a.m. I get so sluggish during this time of the year, I just wish I had been born a bear so hibernation would be a natural occurrence for me, and I could sleep through this crazy practice of fussing with the clocks.

I don’t even know how an author could use this outdated practice in a piece of writing except maybe to complain about its implications on one’s psyche, or maybe to miss a travel connection!

The practice started during World War I, but that was almost over a 100 years ago. Surely, the practice should be reviewed again, wouldn’t you say? When most of us were farmers, the extra hour of daylight was necessary to get in the harvest, but nowadays, how many farmers do you know? I don’t know any, and I’m from the dairy state! Some of our more progressive states like parts of Indiana and Arizona don’t bother with it any more. Does the rest of the world “do” Day Light Savings Time? Yup. Most of Europe, a few areas in South American and southern Australia still manipulate their clocks with most of the United States.

I vote for getting rid of the time change all together. For those of you who cherish your extra hour of sleep, just remember you have to give it back in the springtime. So there!