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Deadlines Can Kill You, If You Let Them

clock_tickingYesterday I missed blog post. Sorry. My day was full from 6 a.m. until 9 p.m. Have you ever noticed that you can go for days without anything happening, and then, BAM! you get a day like I had yesterday. A day that takes you away from all your regular stuff and fills your time with something else.

I’ve always been a steady pacer–like an old plow horse, putting one foot in front of another. If I have a deadline, I think backwards and determine how many days (or hours) I have to get the item completed. I’m happy to tell you; I’ve never missed a deadline of any kind.

So yesterday, I had a series of accomplishments. Dave picked me up bright and early to get the lift chair the ADRC had found for us. It was a nice time with him;we talked about high school days and he took me on a leisurely drive down the back roads through the farming community that is only a few miles from the city. When we got there, I was greeted by a warm, friendly farm dog named Jack, who given half a chance would have jumped in the truck and came home with me. The chair turned out to be beautiful. It was a burgundy color that would coordinate with our existing furniture beautifully. So, the men at the farm loaded the chair into the pick-up and in just a few minutes Dave and I were heading back to my house.

While Dave and I were on our excursion, Ken had moved the existing chair out of its spot, along with the end table and his power wheel chair. How he did all of this, I don’t know. But it was a nice surprise for me because all Dave and I had to do was bring the new chair up the ramp and into the house.

After a cup of coffee and a little more chit-chat with Dave, it was time to clean the house and prepare a nice birthday dinner for my daughter. So, that meant a trip to the grocery store. Now, instead of a plow horse, I had become a pack mule. Hunting and gathering through the store, packing up the groceries, hauling them out to the car, packing them into the car, unpacking them when I got home, and then putting them away–keeping out the things I needed to start dinner. Whew!

Finally, it was on to cooking. The part I really love. The part that always gives me compliments once everyone sits down at my table. But like any deadline, I had to plan to get it all done by 5 p.m.

The outcome? The food was good (of course), the visit was fun (we hadn’t seen Sarah since Christmas) and everything got done on time and on schedule. But after I sat down and started to relax, guess what? Yeah. I started yawning. I guess the ol’ gray mare ain’t what she used to be.

But all in all, it was a great day. The weather was a sunny 68 degrees–a welcomed change from all the rain we’ve had this spring. Once again a friend came to the rescue and helped me. We had a wonderful dinner and visit from a girl woman I love more than my own life, and then a welcoming comfortable bed to rest my weary bones.

So even though the day was a deviation from the norm, was a lot of work, it was a wonderful day.

Thanks for reading.