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An Original Almost Famous Quote

I’ve always wanted to come up with a famous quote. Something people will remember. What do you think about this one?

When making lemonade out of lemons, remember to add the sugar.


make lemonade

Even though, I think this statement is pretty self-explanatory, evidently some people don’t get it. There are so many people in this world who are too overwhelmed by life, to stop and look for the sweetness there is for everyone. We are bombarded with talk about positive thinking and achieving success (money), that kindness, empathy, and just being plain nice to everybody get lost in the discussion.

Unless I don’t leave the house, I will meet at least one grumpy person during the course of the day. Sometimes, I just like to just ask them what their problem is, but that would just make the situation worse. So I ignore them. However, I have been known to say, “I’m so sorry you’re having such a bad day,” leaving them dumbfounded as I just walk away with a smile.

Think about it–ANGER is one letter away from DANGER, isn’t it? People who get swallowed up in anger’s vortex walk around with a chip on their shoulders just daring someone to knock it off. They’re the same jerks ones who zig zag through traffic, cutting people off,  holding up their middle finger at other drivers. They drive ten-forty, causing havoc through traffic so they can be first in line at the next red light.  Did I mention they’re dumb, too?

Let’s face it folks, life isn’t fair. Get over it. Fretting over how you were wronged, cheated, or humiliated only resurrects the hurtfulness. It’s true. Some bad guys get away with murder. Some innocent folks go to jail for things they didn’t do. Some people get sick young. Some old folks get old and have never had a cold. Some people are strong, others are not. The list could go on and on how life inflicts inequities.


But the next time lemons show up on your doorstep, you get to choose how you deal with them. Are you going to pucker up and be sour, or are you going to add a little sugar to your lemons? You might even try throwing in a peach or a few raspberries, along with a big cheesy smile to change it up if lemons seem to always be on your doorstep.

I  guarantee if you remember the sugar, life will be more pleasant. You might even find you don’t mind making lemonade.