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When You Crash–Laugh!

Here we going a blogging among the world of words!

Here we going a blogging among the world of words!

The best part of blogging is knowing once in a while I have touched someone else in a way I never could if I didn’t blog. When a person takes time to comment on something I’ve written, I have a GREAT day. Feedback has always been something important to me.  I need personally to know that I’m not wasting time telling tales that don’t have meaning, and professionally as a writer to know people enjoy my writing. Comments are fuel to my fire, and I would imagine they are for most people who have entered this electronic way to spread thoughts and stories worldwide. So thank you all you responders–you make my day!

To come up with a new idea everyday is hard work. Most days, I read the blogs I to which I have subscribed because I need inspiration to spark a new topic. With that said, today was not one of those days.

Today, I woke to the thud of Ken falling. Multiple Sclerosis has made this a common event in our household, but to wake to a crash is worse than any alarm clock. This fall reminded me of the “sonic booms” I heard as a child when faster-than-the-speed-of-sound jets used to fly over our house. The windows would rattle and no matter what you were doing at the time, you stopped for a few seconds to make sure the sky wasn’t falling. Ken’s falls are kind of like that for me.

One of my favorite movies is called “Cool Runnings.” (I’m not changing the subject. I do have a point. Just keep reading.) It’s a Disney film about the Jamaican bob sled team. If you’re not familiar with the flick, it’s a story about four young men from Jamaica who want to go to the Olympics. They race a rickety “push cart,” in local competitions. Their push cart is basically a few wooden crates with four wheels and a steering mechanism they propel down winding hills.

push cart


When they practice, they often crash. And, after they come to a jarring stop, one of the fellows says to another, “Maurice, are you dead?” The answer is always, “Ya, mon.” It cracks me up every time.

So now when Ken crashes, I yell, “Kenneth, are you dead?”

This morning he played along and said, “Ya, mon!”

We both laughed hard and loud, checked nothing was damaged but his pride, and went to the kitchen for breakfast.

The morale to this story: When you crash–laugh! Let humor lighten the load. Laughter will heal your boo-boo faster than any other medicine.