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Where Is Home, Anyway?

Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to move away from Racine, Wisconsin. I told myself I never had the opportunity to do so because I moved from my parent’s home to my husband’s home at a very young age. I never went to college when I was 18, so I never formed my own idea of who I was or what I wanted to do.  It took me a long, long, time to achieve that.

But here I am. Still in Racine, Wisconsin.

Why? Well, the truth of the matter is, I got okay with myself.

Let me explain. After my divorce about 20 years ago, I was already to pack up and move to Florida. I dreamed of palm trees growing in my front yard and the ocean or gulf only steps away from my home. But an angel came into my life and showed me a change in geography would not fix my problems; it would only add to them. My hurts and estrangement from my children would only get worse. She said I needed to go home and fix me, then I would be free to move somewhere else. Then it would be a good thing. Luckily, I had grown ears to hear her.

So, I went back to Racine.

It took me over a year to fix everything I needed to fix. One of the biggest things I had to do was forgive myself for allowing someone else live my life. I had to forgive myself for letting someone treat me badly for as long as they did. I had to forgive myself for letting others make my choices. That was the most difficult part.

And you know what happened? After I came to terms with myself, the relationships were mended, and things started to turn around. I made new friends, while keeping keeping my oldest, best friends, who had supported me through the lowest time in my life, And miraculously, I didn’t want to move any more. When I traveled, I didn’t dread going home any longer; I looked forward to returning. Racine was my home, and I realized how much I had here. It’s a nice town. In all my travels, I hadn’t found anything better.

That’s because home is more than a location. It’s personal history; it’s friends; it’s family; it’s memories. When Ken waltzed into my world, it got even better. We built a happy life together. Here. In Racine–one of the oldest cities in Wisconsin. It’s a pretty city on Lake Michigan that has gone through some rough times during the past 20 years.

It’s trite, I know, but home truly is where the heart is. And mine is planted right here where I was born.