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What Brings Hobbies Into Your Life?

I read a post this morning that sparked something in me. The author talked about his hobby of collecting bus transfers, which led to me wonder why we have hobbies and what do our interests say about us?

I’ve never had a life-long hobby like stamp collecting or coin collecting. I wouldn’t know a rare coin from an acorn. But, I have always enjoyed doing crafts of some kind.

A lot of my “hobbies” first began out of some need. When I was eleven years old, I learned to knit–in fact, I made a sweater that I wore to school that year. I never enjoyed knitting, so I tried crocheting. My Grandma used to make crocheted lace to edge her embroidered pillow cases, but that kind of crocheting was too tedious for me. A girlfriends showed me how to make a “granny square” out of odds and ends of yarn which tickled my interest. We made crocheted vests with our little fingers and wore our vests of many colors over our drab navy blue school uniforms to jazz up the look. Crocheting was right up my alley. It was fast and I could produce my project in no time at all.

Element number one for me to enjoy a hobby: 
I need to produce something FAST!

As time went on, I discovered sewing because I had to, but I didn’t enjoy it until I learned how to sew with knits in the 1970’s. I made t-shirts for myself and my little girls that overflowed our drawers. Because I could get their shirts from the leftovers of my own, we usually were color coordinated, which they loved. Best of all, I could start and finish a project like this in a couple of hours.

When my daughter got a special doll for Christmas in 1983, I designed and sewed doll clothes for her Cabbage Patch doll. Little did I know, this “hobby” would turn into a pretty lucrative business because I was making clothes when patterns didn’t exist and the dolls were scarce on store shelves. A doll that special needed a special wardrobe, and “Coleslaw Creations” offered such.

Element number two for me to enjoy a hobby: 
I like the challenge of INNOVATION.

When I lost my job three years ago, I learned how to make jewelry. My beads of choice were glass pearls, interesting glass beads, and semi-precious stones like hematite, onyx, lapis, carnelian, crystals, jasper and many others. I even built an e-commerce website to sell my necklace and earring creations, which turned out to be a good learning experience, but a total bust monetarily. I didn’t sell a thing–disproving the old adage “build it and they will come!” However, I did get the necklaces and earrings placed in a local store, and my friends loved them, so I made a bit of money on the endeavor.

Element number three for me to enjoy a hobby: 
I prefer to make MONEY with my creations.

So there it is.

The top three elements that make me get interested in a hobby are: It must be Fast, Innovative and have the ability to make Money. 

THE REAL REASON I create is because it is who I am. Creating is like breathing—I have to do it.

So what hobby lights your fire?

P. S, Writing is not a hobby for me. It is my profession and art. Through words you will know my thoughts. My books tell stories that are in my head. I will fill my bookshelves with my stories and if others read them, that is icing on my chocolate cake. If a large publishing house discovers me and makes me famous, my dream will come true. Until then, I write because it is work I love.