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Warning, Warning! Woman With an Opinion!

Soap Box

This week the legislators in Washington are arguing about gun control. Republicans planned to filibuster to prevent a vote on the bill before Congress. And this morning I’m watching the news, and the first three stories are about assaults with GUNS. Tonight I will watch the news, and I would bet my life there will be more stories about shootings. Have we become so numb in this country that these stories don’t affect people any more? It seems to be the only answer to such ridiculous violence.

I admit right now I’ve always been afraid of guns. I’ve never even touched one. I’m probably in the minority, but I don’t need to fire a gun to feel powerful. So, to me this “fight” over assault weapons and smaller bullet clips seems ridiculous to me.

When the right to bear arms was put into the Constitution, it was at a time when people needed guns to survive. They had to hunt deer, rabbits, and other animals if they wanted to eat. We don’t have to do that any more—we just drive to the grocery store and head to the meat department.

Furthermore, the guns our forefathers used were muskets. These guns took LOTS of time to load and fire ONCE.

Assault weapons can fire up to fifty bullets in a matter of minutes. Think about this, the massacre at Sandy Hook School all happened in FIVE minutes. The end result was the death of 20 innocent children and 6 teachers. I think if the forefathers of our country could have had the foresight that such guns would ever exist they would have thought about gun control.

I know gun lovers believe if their right to buy certain guns is curtailed, the government might take control with bigger, better weapons. But isn’t that true already? Couldn’t the military take over with such weapons now if it wanted to?  I saw a story this week about a laser gun that has just been put on a navy ship. Another argument of NRA is if  more stringent laws for registration are mandated, their privacy will be invaded. Really? Privacy? Wake up, people. There’s no such thing any more! Just go on Facebook or apply for a loan, and your life is an open book.

Come on folks. If you want to own a gun for hunting or home protection, fine. But no one needs an assault weapon. Has common sense completely evaporated? I just don’t get why this is such a big deal when so many innocents have been taken. All you have to do is look into the eyes of those little first graders who won’t have a chance to grow up, and you’ll know what needs to be done. Go on. I dare you. Look into their little eyes.