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Sunday Morning — Good News

Sunday morning is here again. I look forward to this day because it’s the day of the week I watch my favorite television program. Yes, I watch television. I am not ashamed to admit it. Other writing snobs brag they don’t have time for the “lost wasteland,” but television has brought me many hours of information and enjoyment. Besides, just because some people choose to not indulge in “the tube”, it doesn’t mean I have to be one of them.  I’ve never belonged to any group or clique, so let’s get that out of the way right now.

Anyway, getting  back to why I look forward to Sunday. It’s the one day that CBS presents positive news. I see stories about the best of humanity–art, music, theatre, movies, new books and special events. Some stories even include the obscure–Bill Geist usually finds those.  One of my favorites was about a retirement community in Florida where the residents get around in custom-designed go-carts. The community has everything the retirees need–grocery store, barbershops, a bank, restaurants, etc. Although, I don’t remember there being a hospital there, but everything else in this community is within go-cart reach. When I saw that piece, I wanted to move the next day. I dreamed of  ordering my own ’56 Thunderbird complete with pink, fuzzy dice hanging from the rear-view mirror and “dragging” down the main street with another resident in his ’57 Chevy!

This one weekly program presents stories I would not see anywhere else. Today they did a piece on a Japanese woman artist who has risen to fame by painting polka-dots. She suffered a horrific childhood and paints pictures using polka-dots because this simple dot helped her maintain control of her sanity. Now, she is world renown and have been hired by a famous designer for a new line. Isn’t it amazing what the human spirit can do?

Charles Osgood is a perfect  host of this program. He’s a middle-aged man who wears a bow-tie and stands alone to present the stories in his smooth, double-malt scotch voice. On top of his suave appeal,  he is extremely talented on the piano. I feel cheated when someone else fills in for him.

When I started watching this program about 20 years ago, I always thought when I made it BIG, I would watch Sunday Morning , but I would have the means to go and see the ballet, concert or the play in person. I would pick up the phone and have my personal secretary make the arrangements for me to fly to the destination, see the production, stay a night in a 5-star hotel and then fly back home the next day.

So far, I’m still working on that.