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Pumpkin Everything Conjures Memories

pumpkins-with-wordsHappy October 1st!

Time to turn another page of the calendar to welcome another month. I love this month because pumpkin everything is back in season. Pumpkin muffins, milkshakes, coffee, soup. Even the Danish Kringle pastry, which Racine is known for worldwide is made with pumpkin this time of year.

The sweet savory gourd shows up in so many comfort foods, it’s mind boggling. Even the stuff in the can goes down in price so you can make your own special pumpkin treats at home. In fact, I have pumpkin bread on today’s “to do” list. I can’t wait to get into the kitchen.

Another pumpkin delight is the smell of a spicy pumpkin candle. I kid you not! By simply lighting a candle you can enjoy pumpkin without the zillions of calories that come with the sweet treats. The warm scent of cooking pumpkin pie fills the house with a sweet scent that makes a person feel warm and gooey inside. You’ll go back to a time when your mom made pumpkin pie once a year from scratch and you slathered on a dollop of whipping cream to top it off.

This time of year, there’s no getting away from the gourd. You see them along the road side, in the grocery stores and even at the local nursery. There’s pictures of carved pumpkins in store windows. There’s pumpkins on your neighbor’s porches. They’re everywhere; they’re everywhere!

Until this year, Ken and I have filled our home with friends for an annual Pumpkin Carving Party. We celebrated our 15th annual last year, but this year there won’t be a party because things have changed. One friend is too ill to come, another is moving to Florida, and Ken’s arm tremor prohibits him from wielding a knife for any reason any more. Change like this I can do without, and I’ll be sad on the Saturday before Halloween when we usually held the party. It’s an end of an era.

So what will we do instead of hosting a party? Hmmm . . . Probably eat something made with pumpkin and look at pictures that will bring back fifteen years of fun memories.