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Dreaming of a Writing Room

dream room 2Last week, the Daily Post blog posted the question: What does your ideal writing room look like?

I’ve always had this vision that someday I would write my best sellers from a place that looks out to the ocean very similar to the picture at the left. But I would rearrange this room and put a large old desk in the room. It faces the patio doors, looking out  to the ocean. And of course, next to the desk there is a comfy overstuffed chair for my faithful pal Ernie to sleep in while I work. I love to open the doors so I can hear the ocean, which calms me into the perfect open-mind writing state.

My paintings surround me on walls that are painted in the palest shade of yellow. Instead of linoleum, my flooring is honey oak and one of my grandmother’s hand-braided rugs sits in front of a cornflower blue sofa with geometric print accent pillows. A ceiling fan like the one in the picture keeps things cool, but a floor lamp provies good light for reading. On the opposite wall there is a fireplace for cold, damp nights. The fire place opening is surrounded by beautiful, handmade Mexican tiles. There are book cases that go to the ceiling on both sides of the fireplace that not only display my favorite tales, but also give me ample room to place pictures of my friends and family.

Unfortunately, until the royalties come rolling in, I’ll be satisfied to sit in my old, beat-up chair and a half, with Ernie by my side and do my creating here. At least I have part of the dream–a large picture window that looks out nature, but right now I gaze across the street to a quiet cemetery, which provides me with a pretty view in all seasons.

So, there’s my writing room dream. What’s yours look like?