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When a Funk Sets In

frustrated writerHave you ever had a time in your life when procrastination took over?

I’m in the midst of one of those times right now. It’s Dec. 11 and I still haven’t put up my Christmas tree. I’ve hauled out other decorations and spread them around the house, but I just haven’t been able to move myself to decorate the tree this year.

I told myself over the weekend, that the cold, rainy day would be perfect for getting the tree up, but I watched football games instead. After yesterday’s post, I’m sure that all of you are quite surprised by this news–seeing I made myself out to be “Mrs. Christmas Tree.”

Well, it’s not just the Christmas tree I’ve been putting off. It’s everything. I’ve failed to go to the grocery store, so the cupboards have little to offer. I still haven’t wrapped Christmas presents. Heck! I don’t even know if I have a gift for everyone. Sending out Christmas cards is completely out of the question. Even making a simple, good, meal has been a chore lately, and I LOVE to cook.

Worst yet, besides my blog, I haven’t written too much of anything for weeks. I have cranked out a short story for Sunday’s “Story Corner,” but that’s it. No work on the novel, nothing. I’ve been a slug. I hate it when I get this way.

Could all of this be a simple case of the holiday blues? I truly have nothing to be blue about. After all, last week our family rallied around us and gave us a beautiful wheelchair ramp for Ken. They also blessed us with a very generous Christmas present of cash so we’d have presents under the tree this year. I feel ashamed that I’m dragging my feet, but all I want to do is play Facebook games.

So, if you have any great ideas to help me “get off the dime,” so to speak, lay it on me. I could use a good kick in the pants.

Succumbing to Tradition

GSince my girls were little, putting up the Christmas tree with them was a special occasion. My husband never helped with the event, so this was strictly a female endeavor. Every year we’d hall out crates of decorations from the basement and meticulously place the special ornaments in places of status. As we decorated, we’d recall why and when we got the bobble.

We had all kind of ornaments. My favorites were the ones we had made together, like clothespin reindeer and macrame angles. Every year, I’d also give each of them a special ornament for something they either loved or achieved that year.

The goal was to provide a collection of ornaments that meant something to them for their own Christmas trees once they moved away. I figured because putting up a Christmas tree together every year was such a wonderful occasion, they would take joy in doing it for themselves once they had their own homes.

But, like a lot of things we plan for our children, this tradition didn’t stick. Maybe it was due to the fact that their father never put up a Christmas tree after our divorce. Maybe it was just too painful for them to remember when we all lived together. At any rate, the result was the same–no Christmas trees in their dwellings for almost 20 years.

So, last year I trumped my youngest daughter’s stubbornness with a Christmas tree night light that she can just plug into a socket in her bedroom. She laughed hard when she opened the gift and said, “Mom, you just don’t give up, do you?” I replied, “Nope.”

Over the weekend we went shopping together,and she told me she had plugged in her Christmas tree night light, remembering last year when I had given it to her. Then my oldest daughter, who recently suffered a divorce, called from Seattle and said she had put up a Christmas tree for herself.  She said she still had a few of her childhood ornaments I had given her and it had been nice to remember happy times.

I just smiled. I love it when a plan comes together–even though sometimes I have to be EXTREMELY patient for it to come to fruition.