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Leaving Yourself on The Page

This morning as I read through the blogs I follow with regularity, I came across this in Candycoatedreality:  Every time I write, I leave pieces of me on the page.

These few words resonated with me because as bloggers we do so in a very big world. We  unknowingly unveil our very souls to people who follow us.

As we all know, there can be no false masks in good writing. We can all use our imaginations to bring forth fantasy and other fictional tales, but deep down, the writer’s own personality is the bedrock of the writing.

I kind of like that idea. Maybe it’s because I’m old enough to finally accept myself as I am. I’ve tried to fit into boxes other people have designed for me, and dah — that didn’t work at all for me. The images of what other people wanted for me didn’t suit me, and I was the unhappy one. The good thing about going through such experiences is I found out what I didn’t want in my life. It wasn’t until I had the courage to cut MY path by using MY machete to get through the brush did I find the peaceful meadow.

Climbing out of boxes other people build for you is a brave feat. For me, it meant divorce and estrangement from my teenage children. It meant living on my own for the first time in my life. It meant not having the money I was accustomed to having. But the result was so worth the effort. For the first time in my life, I had the freedom to explore me, throwing out the parts I didn’t like and nurturing the parts that I did like.

Liberation does come with a price, though. Some people I used to call “friend” had to fall by the wayside because of the changes that were taking place in me.  I slowly emerged as a new person I liked better than the old one. I wasn’t afraid any more. I stood up for myself and took calculated risks that paid off. After all the exploration and work was done, I met a wonderful man who wanted me for me. He had no desire to make me over in his own image and restrict me to a box.

Ken and I have had almost twenty years together. We’ve weathered the storms of life that caused us to strap ourselves to the mast of our ship. We’ve felt the sting of the churning waters of sickness and unemployment. Weathering such storms together showed us we can face anything.

If you find yourself in a place where you don’t fit, don’t waste time to change your situation. It might be scary or hard or both, but in the long run the sacrifices you make will be so worth it.

Finally, know the only person you can change is yourself.

The Wonderful World of Blogging and Its Surprises

Here we going a blogging among the world of words!

Here we going a blogging among the world of words!

For the past couple of weeks, I haven’t blogged everyday as I intended when I entered this new world over a year ago because Ken and I have been out enjoying the gorgeous Fall weather with our friends and family. It’s nice to have the freedom to come and go as we please with the aid of our new/old van with the wheelchair lift. Having that little bit more freedom has made me a happy camper.

Originally I started this blog to give people a taste of my writing prowess. Selfishly, I hoped some of my visitors would rush right out to Amazon or Barnes and Noble to buy my books. However, like most experiences, this blogging thing hasn’t turned out the way I intended. In fact, I dislike blogs which only exist to sell something.

Instead, this platform has offered me so much more. I’ve found a world of like thinkers, writers, and artists who offer me as much as I can offer them. I have a place to think through my everyday challenges by sharing them with all of you. I vent when I’m frustrated and cheer when something wonderful crosses my path, and being able to share that with an audience, makes the bad stuff not so bad and the good stuff so much better,

The saddest part of blogging is when a person who was with me for over a year stops coming to my blogging doorstep. I never thought that such an acquaintance would ever be a such a terrible loss, but it is. I miss her. She used to make comments on most of my posts, and we found that even though we were a world apart, we were a lot alike. I NEVER expected to feel a loss for a person I never met.

The other surprise I’ve found with blogging is I enjoy reading about people’s experiences much more than I enjoy reading self-help type columns. Don’t get me wrong, the bloggers who offer insights on writing and other topics do us all a service, and I do enjoy their work; however, I am a frequent visitor to blogs where I can “get to know” the writer, their challenges, and their successes. I enjoy pieces about everyday life. It’s fun to read about a stay-at-home mom’s challenges with her little ones, or a student struggling with the life on campus, or other Baby Boomers who deal with the disappointments and fun of growing older. With these blogs coming from different parts of the States or around the world, I can expand my worldview from my own living  room. How great is that?

For those of you who come and read my blog, I want to thank you for taking an interest in what I have to say. If you’re like me and enjoy reading about the simple frustrations or accomplishments we all experience in our normal lives, I appreciate you stopping by to learn what’s going on in the McCloskey household and for taking your valuable time to care and make a comment. For those of us who are caretaking for someone else, writing, teaching, and once and a while getting up on a soapbox about some injustice, it’s nice to have a venue to talk about such things.  Don’t you think?



A Milestone — My 301st Post

Here we going a blogging among the world of words!

Here we going a blogging among the world of words!

Today I celebrating my 301st post. I’ve been blogging for almost a year, and I am so happy I’ve explored this world of writing. The best part for me is the people I’ve “met.” The novelist, writers,  photographers, and poets. I feel close enough to some of you to call you cyber-friends. I truly hope we can meet in the flesh someday.

You’ve traveled with me through the highs of getting new novels published and the lows of my husband’s MS journey. You’ve tolerated my rants, and even thought I had a couple pearls of wisdom from time to time. You’ve cried with me with the passing of my father and mother this year. I’ve been happy to share my thoughts about myself and amazingly, you’ve been interested. I’ve been lucky enough to received awards from other bloggers and was honored to be “Freshly Pressed” once. So, this blogging journey has been most satisfying.

Since my childhood, our world has changed so much. When I was born, plastic wasn’t on the consumer market yet. Yeah, you youngsters out there in Internet-land, the years I’ve walked the earth say I’m old, but my heart remains young. When I was a kid, it was time to go home when the lightning bugs came out. When the fire siren blew at noon, it was time to go home for lunch. When mom wanted one of us, she yelled our names out the front door. We played outdoors all day, otherwise Mom threaten us with some household chore. We only played indoors when it rained. We had games where we moved little pieces around a cardboard platform and learned to play poker before we were twelve.We used unprotected,  two-wheel transportation well into our teens, riding miles during a day. Families only had one car, and Dad always needed it to go to work.  So  much of this world doesn’t exist any more.

Games no longer involve competitors who sit next to each other. Now games are played on Ipads, Smartphones or Laptops. Your competitors might be across the room or across the world. Heck, some competitors be smarty-pants computers! You’d never know the difference. Now Mom’s text their kids to come home instead of yelling their brains out. You wear helmets when you ride your bike–if you ride a bike.

A lot has changed. Some for the good — like the Internet where the world can be connected. Where like-minded bloggers can gather. Where research is at the touch of a keyboard. Where we can entertain ourselves alone.

Our connection technology also has a dark side, though. Our electronic devices  isolate  us so much, conversation is becoming a lost art. Meeting in parks for a pick-up game of baseball is unheard of any more, and playing outside without protective equipment is prohibited. We explore nature by reading about it instead of walking through the woods. We travel vicariously through websites instead of getting on a bus, plane, or train to actually experience the place. So many of us live our lives in our heads.

I never want to go backward because I am a progressive thinker; however, I do think we need to pick and choose when we use technology. I do miss the social interactions of the pass where neighbors knew each other and looked after one another. Where spontaneous cups of coffee were shared at the kitchen table instead of a coffee houses. Where raking leaves into a huge pile in the fall would become a playground for all the kids in the neighborhood. But there I go again, being nostalgic.

My mood must be due to looking at so many old photos lately or maybe it’s because I’ve begun researching my next novel. I just finished STEPHANIA IN AMERICA, and the manuscript is with my editor and proofreader, so it’s time to get to work on something new. As a historical romance novelist, I’m always looking back to the time when my parents were young adults. Perhaps after this book, I’ll take a look at my own childhood years in the 50’s and 60’s, after all, that time period is far enough to be history too, isn’t it?

Fleeting Fame Has Landed On My Blog-step

nov 2012 008I am SOOOO jazzed today — one of my posts, “A Day in The Life of an Adjunct Teacher” was “Freshly Pressed” on Friday.  Thank you, WordPress Editor, I am thrilled to receive this honor!

Every writer dreams of his or her work being read by thousands, preferably millions of people. We all dream of being famous. We do what we can to promote our work. That is why I am so excited about this recognition. Having one of your posts selected for this honor increases the number of people who follow what you have to say. Holy Exposure, Batman!

I started blogging last year in August at the suggestion of my publisher. Miranda told me blogging was a great tool I needed to use to promote my writing. I was leery to blatantly blab about my novels, but then again, if I don’t say anything, who will? Eventually, though, I talked about other things–like teaching and writing, my husband’s MS and every once in a while, I’d get up on my soap box and yell about something. Over time, my blog evolved, and I anticipated writing a post everyday.

Little did I know I would enjoy blogging so much. The best part of the medium is learning about other writers from around the world. In a strange way, we all are connected by this new blogosphere in ways we wouldn’t enjoy without technology.

However, with recognition comes responsibility. I agree with Jules Renard, a French writer who said:  Fame is a constant effort.  I expect now I must raise my writing to a new standard because more eyes will read what I have to say. There’s a certain pressure that goes along with such recognition. Like a zillion emails showing up in my In-Box this morning. I haven’t had that many emails since I left a corporate setting ten years ago!

So, my dear friends and loyal followers, as well as those of you who are just getting acquainted with me, you have my promise I will give you my best on a given day. Some days will be good others, not so much. It’s the best I have to offer.

A Best Moment is Worth Sharing

Yesterday I got a nice surprise as I zoomed through my email. I was nominated for the “Best Moment Award” by one of my favorite bloggers. Check out her site. I find it so fun to read because almost everyday she makes me laugh. Her blog is named: Grandma Says . . . You really should check her out when you need a good laugh from an older perspective.


Awarding the people who live in the moment

The noble who write and capture the best in life

The bold who reminded us what really mattered

Savoring the experience of quality time

As with all of these awards, there are a couple of requirements that go along with it.

  1. Create an acceptance speech either by video or a written speech post
  2. Pass the award on to 15 other bloggers

The first requirement will have to be satisfied by an acceptance speech. The reason? First, I do not own a video camera, and second, they say being on television adds 10 pounds to your appearance and as I have been on a perpetual diet for most of my life, I’ll pass. So a speech it is.

It humbles me every time I receive one of these blogging awards. To receive an award for just living my life and then sharing the simple things that happen to me, well a person could get a “big head” by such recognition. You see, my parents always did a good job of not inflating my ego, so I have learned to be gracious, say thank you, and then toss the award in the closet.

But not so with this one. There will be no tossing in the closet with this award. As you can see, I’ve proudly displayed it on my site for all to see. Please don’t be dismayed by my hubris. I need it–every now and then.

If someone thinks my observations, perspectives and experiences are worth reading, and  I’ve touched them in some way, that REALLY MATTERS!

I first came to WordPress last summer when my friend Miranda told me that I could gain more exposure for my novels, short stories and just plain writing through blogging. I had no idea where to start.

I thought first I could give advice for writing because that’s what I do and occasionally, that’s what I teach. But I soon found out that I used the site for a warm up for my own writing. That’s why what you see is what you get! When I sit down to the keyboard every morning, I have no idea what will transpire. The creating is fun (most days). Other days, I read and read to get inspired, and poof. Nothing. In fact, one of my most visited blogs was about having nothing.

So thanks to all of you who have decided to subscribe to my words and come to read what I have to say. Many thanks to the few of you who “LIKE” what I say. And the most thanks to those of you who leave a thought or a comment. I especially like some of the commentors who don’t agree with me; after all, then I have an idea for the next day!

So, thank you all. I appreciate your time and attention. I’m glad you find my writing worth reading. So, I’ll leave you with a promise to keep giving you a tidbit to think about just by living in my moment.


Now for my nominees:

1. http://successify.net/ – Always interesting. Kris is especially good at analogies to which we all can relate.

2. http://wynwords.wordpress.com/ – A mother who is sorting it all out.

3. http://candycoatedreality.com/ – Beautiful site filled with wise words and great graphics.

4. http://eyedancers.wordpress.com/ Mike is a young man who is an accomplished writer. (He’s received this award, but I’m nominating him again because I always enjoy his posts.)

5. http://bottledworder.com – Interesting perspective from a woman who grew up in Calcutta, India and now lives in New York City.

6. http://insearchofitall.wordpress.com – Another “Golden Girl” who is searching for answers.

7. http://peterdmallett.wordpress.com – A “Golden Boy” who gives great writing advice.

8. http://cristianmihai.net/ – Cristian is a Romanian Writer who works hard at his craft and by doing so inspires me.

9. http://bradstanton.com/ – Another “Golden Boy” who has found the secret to being happy and shares them with you in short clips that don’t take more than five minutes to read.

10. http://clarawaibel.wordpress.com – A young woman named Clara who gives great advice about writing and its world.

11. http://diannegray.wordpress.com/ – Dianne Gray is an Australian author who is multi-talented, fun and entertaining. I love her and her writing.

12. http://lielung1980.wordpress.com/ – Liel gives good advice on how to be more successful with your blogging efforts.

Whew! That’s only a dozen but I’m sure everyone of these hardworking bloggers, authors and writers will give you insight and advice you can use. You see, I’m not a “blogging junkie.” I only read what entertains and helps me along the way. All of these folks do both!

But I must leave you all now. I have to inform my nominees that I’ve submitted their names for your perusal! Have a Best Moment TODAY!

When Darkness Falls, Let the Light In


This morning, as all other mornings, I read the posts of some of my favorite bloggers. Candy Coated Reality by Renae is one of my most favorites. It’s a beautiful site filled with art along with articulate posts. She’s extraordinary. But today, she talked about suffering from depression. About the darkness. About wanting to sleep away the feeling of dread. Unfortunately, I knew what she was talking about.

It’s hard to admit you have depression because most people don’t understand it. They see it as sadness, but it’s so much more than that. It’s darkness that invades your life and sometimes your little flashlight of medication doesn’t shine through it. It just is.

My depression manifests itself in withdrawing. I don’t speak. I sit in like a lump in my chair and play Facebook games. I don’t even want to write when this happens to me. Lately, the money issue in my life has put me in such a place. Part of it is the chemicals in my brain, but the bigger part of it is feeling like such a failure.

I tell myself that my life is what I’ve made it. I do want to stay home and be here for Ken. He struggles so much everyday, you’d think he would have to fight depression—because he has it too. But in his case, he sees the world in a whole different way. He never complains because he says doing so would only make me feel bad. He never puts anyone down because he allows people to be just as they are. He somehow keeps himself in a world that is filled with light.

Yesterday some light came into my darkness. After the phone call about getting a lift chair for Ken, we both were invited out to lunch by my dear friend Joyce. We first had coffee at her beautiful little home, and then I drove us all to Nafi’s where we had a sandwich. When Ken went to the bathroom, she opened her purse, pulled out a wad of bills and said, “How much do you need?”

I knew she was going to help us, but her generosity overwhelmed me. I never guessed she would hand me one hundred dollars.

Again, God has provided. He does his special work through others, and Ken and I are testimony to His good works. Remember the ramp his aunts and uncles gave us? Remember Scott putting more work into it than he originally planned and then didn’t charge me? Remember Jackie and Kay giving me money so I could buy my books for a book signing? Remember Steve and Tara helping us with the overwhelming drug expense?  Remember Dad paying off my car when it was reposed by the finance company? Remember others who stand beside us and will drop what they are doing to be here for us –Dave and Terry, Heidi and Ray, Patrick and Linda, Jim and Cathy — the list goes on.

I do not practice organized religion, but I do believe a higher power intercedes when we’ve done all that we can do on our own. Time and time again, our friends and family have helped us out of jams Ken and I couldn’t fix ourselves.

I feel so humbled when all I can do for them is say, “Thank You.”

Another Nomination Has Come My Way!

liebster-awardThank you, Mary Morgan, for nominating me for  Liebster Blog Award! I am very touched you chose me.

You can find Mary’s blog at


For those of you who have not heard of this award, The Liebster Blog Award (Liebster means beloved). It is given to blogs with not more than 200 follows, although I qualified two of my nominees as simply “beloved”.

Rules for accepting the award:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and link back to the blogger who presented this award to you.

2. List 11 random facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator.

4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 11 bloggers you feel deserved to be noticed.

5. Create 11 questions for your nominees.

6. Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.

7. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.

Eleven Random Facts About Myself:

1. My first baby was a pug dog when I was 20 years old, and I have loved the breed ever since.

2. I am still friends with five people with whom I went to grade school.

3. I love white cars, even though studies show “successful” people drive black cars.

3. I am the eldest of five children–my parent’s guinea pig.

4.  I have lived my whole adult life on a dead end street.

5.  I love to drive with the radio OFF.

6. I have sung the Star Spangled Banner at a professional wrestling meet, standing in the center ring surrounding by burly men.

7. I love to paint sunsets.

8. I invite visitors over for dinner so I have an incentive to clean the house.

9. I like to dunk my cookies in my coffee.

10. I am a Leo.

11. I love to cook, especially for friends.

Answers to Mary’s Questions

1.  What is your favorite season?

My favorite season is spring; I love to watch my daffodils, tulips, and perennials wake from their winter slumber.

2.  What is a favorite childhood memory?

Going to Girl Scout camp for two weeks when I was 11 years old —swimming everyday, hiking, learning new songs, learning about the forest, sleeping under the stars, sleeping in a tent for the first time, cooking outside over an open fire, and making new friends.

3.  What is your favorite flower?

Daffodils – When my best friend died from Breast Cancer, her favorite flower became mine, too. We used to trade different bulbs so each of our flower gardens had several different variations of this first sign of spring.

4.  What was your favorite vacation ever?

Taking Ken on a Panama Canal cruise. Being an engineer, he was fascinated how the canal had been built and it was on his “bucket list” to see it. It was fun for me to help him realized one of his dreams, and I love cruising to anywhere. (I have a lot of dreams about cruising around the world.)

5.  In your family tree, are you related to a famous person?

Nope, but I hope to be that person!

6.  If you could change careers, what would you do?

I tried the career change thing once and that was enough. I went from marketing/communications work to becoming a licensed financial adviser. I was miserable and finally gave up after a six year quest. I have always been a writer and now that I can do it full time, I wouldn’t change a thing.

7.  Do you think your creativity comes naturally or do you have to work on it?

I’ve always had raw talent on my artistic side—singing, painting, and writing, but to be better than good at any of them, I work, work, work.

8.  What or who inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who strive to make their lives the best they can be.

9.  If you had the opportunity to publish one wildly guaranteed successful book, what would the book be about?

Of course, I would like ALL of my published novels to be best sellers, however, I have finally found the courage to begin a manuscript about my journey with Ken through Multiple Sclerosis. I plan to have it ready for publication by the end of the year.

10.  Have you ever considered deleting your blog and why?

No. My blog helps me understand myself, and sometimes inspire others. Plus, having the opportunity to “meet” other people from around the world is a gas! Where else would I get to do that? Except for a cruise, that is. 🙂

11. What are three things blogging has added to your life?

  • I become a better writer everyday.
  • I have formed unique relationships with great men and women through blogging.
  • It helps me stay sane knowing people actually read what I write; one of my best days is when another person subscribes to getting my posts everyday. Talking about everyday things keeps me sane.

My Nominees:







Questions for my Nominees:

  1. If you could have coffee with anybody in the world, who would you like to visit?
  2. What is your favorite food?
  3. What kind of music does you like and why?
  4. Have you ever watched soap operas? Which one? If not, what television show do you NEVER miss?
  5. What’s your favorite book and how many times have you read it?
  6. Who’s your favorite actor?
  7. What’s your favorite season and why?
  8. How would you describe yourself?
  9. How would a good friend describe you?
  10. What is your favorite hobby besides writing, and what do you get out of it?
  11. What’s your favorite summer activity?

Congratulations to my nominees!  I look forward to your responses.

Being Alone With Somebody

The Packer Gang on Game Day

The Packer Gang on Game Day

Most every morning before I begin writing, I read my email and the blogs that I have subscribed to. (Yes, Miss Rondon, I ended that sentence with a preposition.) 

I think I do this because I never know what I will write about until I sit down and actually start typing. Sometimes the other blogs inspire me to write something you might think is profound. Well, sorry to say–not today.

I’ve cautioned you this blog’s purpose is to have none. I use the forum to help me understand who I am and then have the guts to actually share it with the world. I also want you to know that I’m a writer of novels and short stories. I want you to know that I have been published and expect someday to have my books bring me very large checks so I can crawl out of the pit of poverty that I have fallen into. But most of all, I would like you to know me, and hopefully, like me. But I’ll warn you, I am a nice person but so far, not that great. I have a myriad of accomplishments in my past, but my present is nothing to “write home about.” Especially lately.

The cold weather that’s blasting down from Canada has kept Ken and I in the house for over a week. Along with the pittance of snow that has accompanied the wind chills that are below zero, it is dangerous for Ken to go outside. Even Ernie is bothered by the weather. Our little fair-weather pug usually meanders when we let him outside, but for the last week, he goes out, does a quick leg lift and high-tails it back into the house!

So, we’ve been staring at each other from across the room with our computers on our laps, catching a few daytime television shows. The most exciting thing that’s happened in the past week has been a clogged up drain in the basement.  I’ve had to go out for food and medication, but like a trained homing pigeon, I find my way home before enjoying another human being’s company. But, right now, it must be this way. Shame on you GROUNDHOG for getting our “Early Spring” hopes up.

Living like this makes me feel sad for the hundreds of elderly people who are left alone in our society. People need people. We’re wired to be social. Anybody who contradicts this is either stupid or mentally ill. So, when a person has reached an age when they have outlived their friends and family, what can they do? If they are well, of course, they can reach out and make new friends. If they are ill, though, they probably don’t have the energy to reach out, or they think they will be a bother to someone else. It must be awful for them to just wait for death to come to release them from their loneliness.

I have no answer for such a horrible existence of so many seniors. For now, Ken and I have each other and neither of us would have it any other way. Looking ahead, though, I just hope I am not the last one left. It’s the worst fate I can think of. (Yup, I did it again, Miss Rondon–I see you rolling over in your grammar grave!)

NOTE: Miss Rondon was my third and fourth grade teacher at St. Sebastian’s Elementary School.

Pride and Humility–Brothers or Adversaries?

The Axes of Pride and Humility“God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6).

Ordinarily, I don’t quote the bible because I think it’s pretentious to do so. (Also, growing up Catholic impressed upon me I was too stupid to understand what the “good book” said in the first place. Reading the bible was only for “trained personnel” like priests and nuns.) But today, when I saw this quote, I had to pass it on because it fit what I’ve been experiencing this week.

If you’ve been following me through this journey of the world of “have nothing,” you know I’ve been humbled. I’ve had to accept help from sources I never thought I would have tap. (Like energy assistance to keep warm, and food stamps to put nourishment on our dining table, and prescription help to keep Ken functioning.)

Before these last three years, I’ve been competent, strong, and successful, achieving top honors in most everything I’ve ever done. So, now when I have to swallow my pride and accept help from others, I get a big lump in my throat. I feel like I have to choke. It drains me to know that I’m not as strong as I thought I was. It humbles me to know that I’m not as smart as I thought I was. I’ve come to realize being humble is a hard job.

Asking for help all of the time is exhausting. . . only because my pride gets in my way. My true friends have proved again and again they are an army standing beside me, ready to spring into action. They hold me up when I can’t stand on my own any longer. Their generosity overwhelms me with humility, and the words, “Thank You” hardly seem adequate. They help me see there is light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t yet another train coming to mow me down.

And to you, my loyal followers, I say thanks, too. Somehow it’s helpful to know that this journey is followed by others who care. From my worn-out living room chair, blogging has opened my world to terrific folks who think I have something worthwhile to say.

The most wonderful thing about this journey is knowing someday these experiences, along with the feelings that go with them, will manifest into new characters for my stories and novels. They will be richer and complex because I know how it feels to fall from a pinnacle.

And believe me, it’s not the fall that’s bad, but the landing is hard; and deciding to either get up and carry on or to lie there and give up is the dilemma we all have to face, isn’t it?



“Pharma” Advertising — It’s Everywhere, It’s Everywhere!

Soap BoxYup, it’s another Soap Box Day. But I can’t help it. This has to be said. I’m sick of pharmaceutical advertising. I can’t get away from it. It shows up in the most unlikely places, even on the bottom of my WordPress “stats” page. That’s right. At the bottom of my page there was an ad that read:  “Get a colonoscopy–Choose Well.”


Take a look below. Aurora Healthcare must have been on a tight budget. Just look at this guy. He’s reading the Sport’s page with a half smile on his face. Is he amused by what he’s reading?  I know he wouldn’t be smiling if he took the “prep.” Perhaps he thinks he’s doing a good thing by having this test, but he hasn’t got a clue of what’s coming. Or perhaps he has just eaten his last meal and preparing for the two-day fast  The ad doesn’t talk about the cramps and the hours of trotting to the bathroom to get ready for the doctor to probe his backside. And what it the be “IT” all about?  You have to agree — this is a pretty stupid ad.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. I am not minimizing the importance of this procedure. I know from personal experience how important it is to have this test–I’ve had to have several of them. They may have saved me from colon cancer, but an ad? Geez.

I’m also uncomfortable with ads about erectile dysfunction, “and the ability to be ready when the time is right.”

Or how about the ads for products to get your going when you have constipation or stop you going when you have diarrhea. Yicks!

Isn’t anything private any more? Are pharma companies and medical facilities so incredibly greedy that they have to ADVERTISE this stuff?

After all when did it become vogue for everyone to play doctor beyond taking an aspirin for headache or a cough suppressant when you get a cold? The whole idea of this direct drug advertising has created a culture of people who believe taking a pill will solve anything! But not without the fine print. I’m sure you are as accustomed to the following pharmaceutical CYAs as I am.

“Until you know how this medicine will affect you, you shouldn’t drive or operate machinery.”

“Side effects may include next-day drowsiness, dizziness, headache, or irritability.”

What’s even more perplexing is these medical ads for private stuff are everywhere. On television, radio, magazines, newspapers and now apparently even on the WordPress.com website pages.  I wonder what moron genius placed this ad? I’d like to see the justification for that ad spend. Perhaps they think all bloggers are over 50?