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Now Class, Let’s Review

Tormented writer

I’ve recently sent out “TEA AND BISCUIT GIRLS”  for reviews. I’ve sent two copies to a gentleman in Oregon, Wisconsin who was recommended by a friend, and another copy to a woman in Canada. The woman in Canada also wants to read “THE LOVE IMMIGRANTS,” and then will review both of the books together because they are related.

As much as I want to word to get out there, having people review my books publicly is a bit scary. Of course, I want them to LOVE them–who wouldn’t? Good reviews are used to spur readers to buy the books and then make a judgment for themselves. More people reading means more book sales. More book sales means royalties. Then maybe I’ll make some money at this career I enjoy.

But what if the reviewers hate the books? Wonder if they consider them trite, badly written or worse yet, dull. Then what?Am I doomed? Do I have to go and flip burgers because of one person’s opinion? I shutter to think about it!

Putting a book out for review is not unlike going on a blind date. You don’t know anything about the person taking you out, and all you can do is hope for the best. You can see why I’m feeling so vulnerable.  After all, how many great blind dates have you had?  Me? Well. . . none.

So, as I hold my breath for a good review, I will also tell myself my parents were a blind date that worked well for over 60 years. Yeah, I’ll pin my hopes on that thought until I read the review for myself. Pray for me.