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A Day Alone

Yesterday I spent the late morning and early afternoon alone. Ken when to his “Harmony Club,”which is a a a supervised gathering of elderly and handicapped people. The participants exercise, play games, make crafts, and eat lunch together. They have a chance to form friendships, and they end each session by playing Bingo and winning prizes. Ken loves going because he can talk to somebody other than me, plus he enjoys being with older people. Seeing I’m ten years older than he is explains our happy marriage. 🙂

The four or five hours we have apart gives me a chance to have a little fun with my friends. Usually I meet somebody for lunch and then tie up the day with a trip to some shop to nose around for a little while. I love going downtown because there are a lot of restaurants to chose from and plenty of specialty shops where hidden treasure waits for someone to discover it.

But yesterday I chose to just be alone. I hunted new winter tops at the thrift store. (Since I discovered the place, I haven’t darkened the door of any retail shop.) Then I went home, finished my blog posting for the day, and ate lunch with Ernie sitting on my lap. (He watched my food as I enjoyed my soap opera without somebody teasing me for watching such drivel.) I didn’t talk for four hours! Believe me, that’s a record!

When I picked up Ken at 3:30 p.m., we  both looked forward to being together again. With stuffed peppers and acorn squash waiting in the oven, we had a pleasant dinner followed by a night of television. In the past, days like this would have bored me to death, but now the mundane times are cherished. Call it old age, but normalcy in our world is just fine. Achieving contentment in one’s life takes some time, and I’m glad I arrived at that place when a day spent alone becomes time well spent.

A happy life is one of balance and contentment, no matter how old or young, rich or poor a person is. I’ll warn you though. Achieving such a life is hard work. Just try it. I dare you.

Being Connected

technology-solutionLast night I watched the commercials more carefully than most nights. Usually, I let them pass before my eyes and not allow them into my head, but I became intrigued with the Windows 8 commercial. As most of you know, this software allows people to connect all of the electronic paraphernalia together, so the user can be “connected” at all times.

Hmmm .  . . I wonder just how connected people really are these days.

It seems to me that “being connected” has nothing to do with physical human interaction. This bothers me. I realize I’m showing my age here, but tough. Maybe the young people building this kind of software need to realize they are actually building walls around themselves, and the only interaction with another real human needs a machine to facilitate it.

I long for the days when kids could gather in the park and not have their parent’s worry that some boogie man would come along and snatch them. I wish kids could go for a bike ride with each other and not have to be concerned with a hurried motorist mowing them down. I long for the days when neighbors knew each other and helped each other. I long for coffee clutches with my girlfriend next door. Why did all of these fears come to pass? Instant communication which is possible by technology which connects us. Be serious. Every night the news media scares us all to death. If a murder didn’t happen that day in our own community, they dredge one up in Timbuktu. Really? We need to know this? I think not.

This post is a vendetta against technology. It is a rant about how the wonderful capabilities of technology is used. I love my laptop. I am entertained by my HD television. I have an wireless printer, for godsakes. If I could afford a smart phone, I’d have one of those too. I just wish we all could take a step back from technology and realize it is not the be-all and end-all of existence. Keep your  Iphone on vibrate when your visiting with friends. Lock away the tablets and computers for a couple of hours and go out an play or take a walk in the woods.

We need to find the balance, and so far, we’re not there.

The Secret of Success=Balance


Balance. An important concept in all things from nature to personal health. Throw off the balance and there will be conflict and trouble.

Balance is a common device in literature, too. We call it conflict. We put our characters in situations where they have to choose a path, make a deeply personal decision, and eventually solve the dilemma–at least for awhile. It’s an essential element to the novel. Learning how the protagonist works his/her way through the situation keeps readers turning the pages, right?

Solving the dilemma through our characters is difficult. But put the element of balance in your own life, and well that’s a completely different animal. Keeping work, play and meditation balanced is a constant struggle. Like little children, individually they cry for  your attention. If one aspect gets too strong , it pulls on the others. And  ta-da! You’re in conflict. It makes for a good story, but in real life, being out of balance sucks.

Keeping a healthy balance equals SUCCESS to me. Unlike a lot of my contemporaries, who think success is a pile of money, big houses and expensive cars--although, I wouldn’t object to any of this–it might be fun to even money to get all the bills paid on time, success to me is a  healthy balance of work, play and meditation.

I’ve come to the conclusion in my middle-age life that in order to achieve success, I have to work at something  I enjoy; I have to play enough with friends, and I also have to have enough time alone to maintain a healthy spiritual life. If I can keep these three things even,  happiness and contentment follows.

My present challenge in keeping balance is struggling with my desire to have a vacation–to get away and not think of the challenges I have at home. I’m sure you’re thinking — so get on a plane, already. But here’s the conflict. I also have a strong need to keep my husband who suffers from MS safe and cared for properly. That responsibility and desire is pulling me away from the vacation I need just as strongly. I feel it would be selfish to just take off and leave him and my everyday life behind. I know I should go.I know I need to go, but so far, I haven’t figured out a way to have peace of mind knowing Ken would be all right while I’m gone. And until I do, I will be out of balance. And so it goes.

The moral to this tale: When you’re feeling angry or sad about something, look at the balance in your life. Is it out of whack like mine? If it is, try to pull it back and see what happens. I’ll bet you feel better if work, fun, and spirituality each have their equal piece of the pie. Go ahead, try it. I dare you!