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Was I Touched by an Angel?

I just read a “near death” encounter from another blogger I follow. She’s a terrific writer, and I enjoy her daily posts. At the end of her piece today, she asked if any of us in “Internet-land” ever had a strange experience. I can’t say that I have had a near death experience, but I do know that I have met my Guardian Angel. For those of you who don’t believe such an entity exists, you might want to go on to your other daily tasks.

My guardian angel came to me when I was going through an ugly divorce. She came in the form of a gregarious Jewish woman with flaming read hair who talked with gestures like an Italian lady. She befriended me out of the clear blue sky, and we hit it off right away. Her “cover” was a business owner in Miami.  This woman was generous, thoughtful, insightful but mostly just a fun person to count among my friends.

But there were strange things about her, too. She never invited me to her home; instead she’d put me up in a hotel. She had this innate sense to know when I needed her and would call to check on me. She was kind, but she also gave me tough love. The last time I saw her, she yelled at me to o stop running from my problems and go HOME to fix them, (I wanted to run away to Miami to start over.)

I’m happy to tell you, I took her advice and went home to fix things with my daughters and started to build a new life. The reason I think Shelly was an angel was because after the divorce was final, I called her to thank her for everything she did for me.  I called her business because that was where she spent most of her time. When an unfamiliar voice answered the phone, I asked to speak to Shelley. The strange voice said, “There is no one here by that name. You must have the wrong number.”

I know that I didn’t have the wrong number because I had called Shelley at least a dozen times at the number I dialed. So, I dialed again thinking I must have mis-dialed the first time, only to get the same person on the other end of the line, saying, “I told you when you called before, there is no Shelley here. We’ve never had a Shelley on our staff.”

I blurted out, “But she owns the business!”

The voice replied, “You have been misinformed, ma’am.” Then I heard the sound of the receiver hanging up on me. I never heard or saw Shelley again.

Make of it what you will, but I believe I was sent a Guardian Angel to help me see through this very hurtful time in my life. She kept me from making a tremendous mistake, never judged me for anything I had done wrong, and was always a constant positive resource for me. And when I didn’t need her any more, she must have been reassigned to another “client” who needed her expert help.

I’m just glad, whoever or whatever she was, that she was reached out to me.