About McCloskey

    Barbara Celeste McCloskey is an American author who lives in Racine, Wisconsin. She’s enjoyed a career in the agency and corporate world as a writer and manager of print and electronic media. Most recently, she is teaching writing at the local community college, Gateway Technical College.

Barbara has enjoyed writing since she could pick up a pencil. As early as ninth grade, she wrote stories and plays just for fun. After her forced early retirement three years ago, she decided to try writing a novel. No one was more surprised than her, that she could do it! Now she writes everyday from her overstuffed living room chair with her loyal pug Ernie sitting beside her.

Besides writing, Barbara loves to research, so she’s combined both interests in a series of books she calls, “The Apple Pie and Strudel Girls” series. The tales are set in the fifteen year period between the mid 1930’s and the 1950’s. Her novels include: “Apple Pie and Strudel Girls,” “Stranger in the Spotlight,” “Tea and Biscuit Girls,” and most recently. “The Love Immigrants.”

Barbara is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Parkside. She holds a BA in English with a writing concentration and two minors in Communication and Women’s Studies.


19 thoughts on “About McCloskey

  1. Thanks for the follow, I hope I will write something that will interest you. Thoughts and comments are always welcomed. Peace & Blessings.

  2. Hey! I know Racine well and still return to MKE to see friends and find good eats. Next I’m up there, We’ll have to meet up. The story of you and your husband is compelling. MS is truly a theif in the night as you put it. How such comes to one is mysterious.
    Love your website arrangement. I’ll be back round to explore. Thnks for visiting mine!

    • Thanks for your comment, Lisa. Would love to share a coffee with you. Just let me know whenyou’rein my neck of the woods. Glad you’re enjoying our story.


  3. Glad that you have come back into my blog-life. Teacher to teacher, blogger to blogger, etc. We are now joined through the power of the word. I look forward to more educational “stuff” and matter about your liking the history of WWII. I am a collector of WWII airplanes (blog posting coming) and have a serious interest in P-51 pilots.

    • James – I’ve done research on the P-51 Mustangs for my first book. Right now, I am working on a book about women pilots during the period. This could be a great blogging relationship, no?


  4. My Florida license plate is P-51 LVR. And I am such a lover. Never having flown in the “Cadillac of the Sky,” I have that in my bucket. (I have, however, been in a B-17…). I have already planned to write about my hobby of collecting and addiction. Thank you for following. (Is it all right to now put in my address? http://memoriesofatime.com)

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