It Happens Faster Than You Think

Hi Everybody! I hope those of you who followed me in the past are still willing to do so. I’ve been away to dedicate my time to writing three books. One is the second edition of my first attempt at a novel. During the past several years and six other books, I’ve learned a thing or two. I still like the story, but the writing—not so much. The second book is a sequel to “Finding Gessler.” And the third is the more difficult tale to tell—“Barbie and Ken, A love Story.” This book chronicles our journey through Multiple Sclerosis. So you get it—I’ve been busy.

But I had to write about an important subject—aging. This summer I will have a milestone birthday. Yes, I will turn 65. I think this birthday is tougher than turning any other milestone birthday like 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60 etc. Inside, I feel no different than I ever did, but for the first time outside, there are tell-tale signs—gray hair, glasses, and moving a bit slower. What I didn’t count on was the government and different professionals reminding me almost every day  I’m getting close to the big 65.

It started when my Medicare card arrived a month ago. Following that memorable event was a plethora of advertisements for Medicare supplement plans. Next came the phone calls from every insurance agency that sells the old fogy plans. Okay, I’m tough. I can take it. But when my family doctor came into the exam room saying, “So, Barbara, how’s the hip?” Weeks later, the optometrist said, “You’re eyes are in good health, but I do see the start of cataracts.”

It’s bad enough to look at my birth certificate and KNOW I’m getting older, but to have all these outside influences reinforcing the fact, well, it is a bit overwhelming. And considering my birthday is not until the end of July, what’s the rush?

For all of you who are younger than I am, don’t hurry to grow up. It happens sooner than you think. Just saying’.

7 thoughts on “It Happens Faster Than You Think

  1. Good to see you again, Barb. Glad you are both still hanging in there. Don’t feel too bad about being 65. There are a lot of pluses to it. Getting a cataract removed today as a matter of fact. Had one done before I was 60. Now I’m pushing 68. I liked turning 65 because then I finally had insurance. The rest is what you make of it.
    Hope to see more of you now. Hugs, Marlene

    • Yeah, having insurance at i/3 the cost of what I’m paying now will be like getting a raise. I’m saving all the big stuff for this summer–like a hip replacement, colonoscopy, etc. I think of it as I’ll be on my way to the bionic woman!

  2. Welcome: And I turned 75 last week: You can now address me as a Word Press Elder! Egads! How awful. But, I am definitely in another stage. Right? Regards. Do NOT carry that Medicare card in your wallet: it has your Social number on it!

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