Christmas Lights and Other Stuff

I know the global warming of our planet is a serious issue. Scientists say this change on our planet will eventually wipe out life in the oceans and then life other most other kinds. BUT, I gotta tell you in a perfectly selfish viewpoint of one living in a northern climate — I love living in temperatures more springlike than winter-like.

The warm weather took a hiatus forcing us to muddle through a few “normal” days in the 30s before they returned this week. As I mentioned in a previous post, I started my outdoor holiday lighting project last week and yesterday I finally finished it. All it took was two new strings of lights, a new ball of twine, and a very long extension cord.

But last night I went outside in my stocking feet (my mother was probably yelling at me from the heavens) to take a look at my handiwork. I enjoy the familiar joyful current that travels through my body when my eyes see holiday lights. Now it’s on to finishing my holiday paintings which have sprung up on all indoor walls.

How do you bring holiday joy (besides family gatherings and good food) celebrate the holidays?

5 thoughts on “Christmas Lights and Other Stuff

  1. These pictures are wonderful, Barb! Since the children moved away and started their own lives we don’t decorate much at all (unless it’s our turn to host Christmas). I usually just buy those solar lamps for the garden. There is a place a few miles away where Santa’s legs stick out of the chimney – it gets a lot of traffic going past! 😀

  2. Love the paintings!! My son strung up lights on the front porch and driveway. I tried to put my stuffed people out there but we have massive wind and rain so I’m keeping them tucked in safe. It’s going to be a wet December here. The inside is doing better. My son had no Christmas at all last year and my daughter and I had a quiet one. so we are doing a bit more this year. Who knows what will happen next year. Have a good week.

    • My daughter is flying in from Seattle so this will be a special Christmas for me. She hasn’t been home for the holidays in five years. The lights will illuminate a good time.

      • I am so excited for you. I imagine she is a bit weary of the amount of rain we’ve had in this area. Last December was a bit dryer. There is nothing like have your kids close during the holiday. Giant hugs.

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