Absent But Not Forgotten

handsToday I had a wonderful surprise from one of my blog buddies — I haven’t posted for quite some time and she sent a note saying she was worried about me.

So many people pooh-pooh the social network saying its a tool for the self-absorbed. As I see it, that comment is probably pretty true because most people who are “connected” are very young. But I also see social networking as a terrific tool to connect with new and old friends. It’s a wonderful tool to “meet” new people — from across the country and across the world.

Lately, I haven’t felt like I have anything important to say. My world has shrunk since I left the work place and stay at home most days with Ken. But I guess I was wrong. Some people want to hear from me. And thank you for that.

Since my hiatus, I have also been lucky to connect with some very old friends. One woman is a classmate from grade school. We’ve had lunch a few times and hours have sped by. We are so like-minded it’s wonderful to be together. We both have suffered loss. We both have suffered sickness. We both put family first. Even our look at spirituality is the same. I’m so thankful God has put her back into my life again.

The same is true for another friend who has drifted in and out of my life since high school. When our children were small, we were close. We went to the same church on Sunday and had a lot of other connections. After my divorce and her divorce, we lost each other, only to come together again as caretakers — she for her mother, me for Ken.

Then the frosting on my friend cake is the return of a dear friend who spent the last twenty-five years in Florida. Now that she is older, she wanted to be close to her children and old friends. She misses her pals in Florida, and is frustrated she can’t find things in her new house, but we got to have lunch together yesterday for the first time in a decade–and that was fun. Our reunion is like little time had passed. Our connection was still there.

I think God has put these people back into my life because I need them. I need to laugh with them. I need to get their opinions. I need to know I have a safety net when I feel like I’m falling into oblivion. Most of all I need their hugs because Ken can no longer do that for me. And that, my friends is a loss more than I can express.

So for those who have missed me in the blogging world, I thank you, too. You have reminded me that reaching out is my saving grace.

5 thoughts on “Absent But Not Forgotten

    • I’m not sure whether it’s one or the other either, Dan. Working on my next novel has been harder than all the other seven books I’ve published. I’m trying something different and it takes almost more brain power than my allotment.

  1. I’m with Dan, It’s good to hear from you. This summer has been a rough one for many of us to find time for blogging. I’m looking for tools now to help me reach out more even though I have no time to do so. The connections are VITAL especially in troubling times. I was speaking with a new friend yesterday whose husband had survived a stroke. The stroke changed the dynamics of their marriage. Sharing helped us both. Everything goes better when shared. Blog when you can if only a short hello, I’m still here. You are missed. Hugs.

  2. The weather has turned chilly — low 40s at night and on Friday the weather man reported it will be in the 30s. I HATE to lose the flowers I’ve enjoyed all summer — in fact, it’s always this time of year when they are most beautiful.

  3. Lovely to see you back here, Barb! Sometimes we just have to kick back and relax for a while, but blogging buddies will always be supportive and that’s so nice to know 😉

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