Dependency on Electronics

Yesterday I swear the ELECTRONIC GODS put a curse on me. It started when we were watching a morning television show that Ken and I both enjoy. All of a sudden, we had no sound. The television worked fine. The cable worked fine, but the Bose speaker system, not so much–at least that’s what I thought.

I examined all of the cords and plugs and everything seemed fine. But still no sound. Heaven forbid! We’d have to watch television in our bedroom — where everything was working. Not a hardship really. But a damned inconvenience. It felt strange laying in bed in the middle of the afternoon to catch the latest shenanigans of the  “General Hospital” cast of characters. Okay. I admit it. I am a soap opera junkie. Let’s go on.

I thought as long as I couldn’t watch television, I would finish “The Fault of My Stars,” by John Greene. (In case you don’t know, this book has been turned into a screen play that came in first at the box office last week. An author’s dream!) It’s a well-written story about two teenagers who meet at a cancer support group. One is terminally ill, the other has lost a leg and is in remission. It’s a beautiful account of young love when falling in love is most pure.

I was almost finished, coming down the stretch with only a dozen pages to go when my Kindle decided it needed a break. It shutdown and refused to turn on again.

My last resort was to pick up my smart phone, feeling totally electronically inept to call my young friend Eric for some advice about everything electronic, only to find out, my phone needed a charge!

Now, I’m down to one electronic toy and that’s my old faithful laptop. Thank goodness the ELECTRONIC GODS didn’t wave their “magic” wands over it. At least I could write a couple of chapters on the new novel, check email, play a couple of games, and pay a couple of bills to fill my time.

I never thought I had become so dependent on my electronic gadgets, but alas, I’m like most everybody else–I need them. I enjoy them. I have to have them. When they don’t work, life sucks. If the power grid ever goes down, we may as well die.

Today, I still haven’t heard from Eric, so I went into Best Buy to talk with a member of the Geek Squad. I told her my sad Kindle tale before she took my baby into the back room, did some Geek stuff, and voila! It worked. She saved me! I was so elated I could finish the last few pages of my novel, I wanted to hug her.

After my exhilaration calmed itself, I asked if she made house calls. She laughed and asked what problem I was having at home. I explained the television fiasco, and she said she had a similar problem yesterday too. It turned out our carrier was the same, so she suggested to turn everything off and reboot the system. No surprise. Whenever you call tech support, their first question is, “Did you reboot?” Right?

So, I went home. Disconnected the power. Left the mess of tangled cords, plugs, and other paraphernalia alone for about an hour, then turned everything back on. The ATT Uverse software did its thing, and I’m happy to report it worked! I’m back in business! We can watch NCIS in the living room tonight!

Needless to say, I felt empowered as I conquered the ELECTRONIC GODS (with a little help from a female Geek.) I not only can cook a decent meal and get it on the table hot, I can reboot! A good day.

How was your day?

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