Did you Miss Me?

Hi Everybody! I’m back. I went to Florida for three days about a month ago to see a good friend who moved there. It took some preparation to make sure Ken had the care he needed while I was absent, but the trip really happened. I came back home relaxed and ready for summer.

I had a great time. Kay and I have found our separation difficult, but once we were together again it was like old times. We made each other laugh and just had fun being together.

During my short respite, I thought I would use the camera on  my new smart phone. My pictures turned out nice, but when Kay took control of the device, she pushed the wrong button, and alas, no pictures of me. Oh well, I usually hate the way I look in pictures anyhow.

Oh wait a minute . . . that’s not entirely true. I didn’t know the camera had a setting for “selfies” and when we were at the beach, I tried to take pictures of Kay flying her kite, but only got pictures of me in my beach hat.

Barb's selfie

Technology . . . got to love it!

To prove life goes on without you, there was a tornado warning while I was gone that brought hail large enough to damage our roof and gutters. So for the past couple of weeks, we’ve been putting the needed pieces in place to get the repair work done. Shingles sit in our front yard as we speak. (Along with vents, tar paper, ice shield, etc. etc.) Not the prettiest lawn ornament, but at least it’s temporary.

Roofing Supplies

We also had a fence installed along one side of our property. It was built while I was gone, so I had a beautiful surprise waiting for me. (The other areas had been fenced in by neighbors.) The funny thing about this fence is it’s called “The Lacrosse.” Lacrosse, Wisconsin is the setting for most of my books!

The other time-eating activity, which has kept me away from you, has been to go through the edits for my latest novel. I’ve been busy correcting my grammatical and spelling boo-boos, as well as rewriting small sections because my editor’s inquiring mind asked questions that needed answers. The book is now two chapters longer than when it went out to her.

In between my trip and putting the finishing touches on the novel, I’ve been digging, weed-waking, cutting down stubborn buckthorn bushes, and planting pots to bring our yard into a good-looking, park-like space we can enjoy for the rest of the summer. I’ve added some pictures below so you can see the fruits of my efforts.

Happy Summer Everybody! I hope it’s warmer where you are than where I am.

Maybe next time I might have some life-changing topics to discuss. Or maybe not. We’ll just have to see.

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