Inspiration – Where does it come from?

City scape 002For some reason I had an itch to paint today. I wanted to create a large sofa-type painting to accompany the new furniture we purchased during the past few months. I’d never painted anything “abstract” but I had this vision of a city along the seashore. So here it is. I tried to make the colors as true to the real painting with my camera, but I never quite get there. This is a close facsimile, though.

I have never taken an art class. I do have a friend who is a wonderful artist and when she moves back home from Florida this spring/summer, I’m hoping she will enlighten my efforts. In the meantime, I’ll let the spirit move me when it desires and be happy with the outcome. My paintings will never hang in a museum, but perhaps when I know a little more about what I’m doing, we might try a gallery.

Unlike writing, which I enjoy too, painting gives me more freedom because I’m ignorant about technique. When I write, I am conscious of grammar, plot  lines, character development, and all the other elements that go into creating a good story. The sheer knowledge of knowing what to do can take the fun out of writing and it eventually becomes my work. I’m proud to tell people about my writing because I love what I’ve created in my books, but I paint for the sheer joy of creating and don’t critique myself; I simply enjoy the activity.

So the next time when the “spirit” moves you, go with it. Enjoy. Feel the love of what you’re doing, then drop me a line to tell me about your tickle of inspiration. With almost twelve hundred people following this blog now, I hope a few of you will share. . . it the most fun of blogging. Don’t you agree?

7 thoughts on “Inspiration – Where does it come from?

  1. I couldn’t tell you didn’t know about technique. I loved the painting and you bring up a very good point about how freeing it is. I have never tried anything that didn’t have a lot of rules and regiment to it. Something to think about. Thanks

    • I truly am a failure at things that have a lot of rules. Perhaps that’s why all of my positions in my professional career were created for me. No one else ever had such a job. But then we are all different, aren’t we? To me, the differences are what’s interesting.

      • Amen to that. I love the differences. We are just like snowflakes. No two alike. I finally started to learn about good enough and freedom in creativity the last few years. It’s a wonderful thing. You do it very well. Hope you get to paint more.

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