My Writing Process

ground_hog_2007Have you ever felt like you were on the set of “Ground Hog Day?”  You know the movie. Bill Murray relives the same day over and over and over again. There seems to be no way out. I think I know how he felt.

This winter has been horrible for everyone. People living in the northern states have learned how to endure the never-ending grey, COLD, snowy days. People in the southern states say have winter–temps in the 50s and 60s, but this year there has been ice and snow in Atlanta.

Everyone is talking about the weather, even though I try to keep my comments to a bare minimum, but being retired now, this weather is holding me prisoner.

One day my car didn’t start because even sheltered in the garage, the temperature was ten below zero. One day my back got a chill and the muscles seized up which has put a severe pain in my backside.

Ken and I feel like a couple of grounded teenagers. Worst of all, this inclement weather has emphasized the sameness of our “normal” life. When the temperature rises above zero, we have two or three inches of snow to jazz things up . . . and because Ken’s wheelchair doesn’t have snow tires, he can get stuck in the stuff.

The one good thing this sequestering has done has been to plunk butt down in my chair and finish the first draft of my seventh novel. Now, I’m re-reading the story and putting the first pass of editing on it before I send it off to my editor.

Yesterday when I talked to a friend who has moved to Florida (who was sitting on her porch slipping lemonade), she was flabbergasted I would reread and edit my work a couple of times before any other eyes saw the text. I see this element as part of the process. I was surprised at her reaction because she likes to think of herself as a writer, too.

Do any of you come from the school of writing that I do? Do you rewrite your prose a couple of times before sending it out? Do you pass it in front of a person you trust before thinking it’s “done?” I can remember doing such a thing since I was in high school. To me this part of writing is normal.

What do you do when you complete a “first draft” of one of your pieces?

8 thoughts on “My Writing Process

  1. I’m not a writer but try to re-read everything I write before it goes “out there”. I re-read my blog in preview mode and often have one of my kids read it for things my mind has filled in that are actually missing. I can’t tell you how often my son catches them. I’m so sorry you all have to endure that awful weather. It’s been an unusual year everywhere. I hope it breaks for you soon. Hugs. MH

  2. I’ll start by saying that I enjoy winter. I don’t do winter sports but I do like a couple of cold months. I review my drafts a couple of times, usually letting them sit overnight at least once. Before posting, I give them to my wife to review. Among other things, she fixes my grammar.

  3. I reread my drafts about 100 times (or it feels like it). I don’t like putting it in front of anyone else’s eyes until I think it’s ‘perfect’ and even then other readers find mistakes in it 😉

    • I’m so glad to hear this, Diane. Your writing is so extraordinary and to know that you struggle with finding errors, too, is a great relief to me. Misery loves company, it seems! Back to rewriting.


  4. I have actually enjoyed the harsh winter the Northeast is experiencing. It’s snowing again, right now!! Love it. It slows the world down and allows us to breathe. God bless.

    • You are right about the slow-down. The cold seems to bring out the crabbiness in people, though–especially when they get their cars stuck in the white stuff.


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