The “Blessings” of Below Zero

Oak Trees In the Snow at DawnIf you live in the northern states, you have felt bone chilling temperatures this week. Worst yet, the cold climes have come with a foot of snow and promises from the weatherman of even more arctic air. Brrrr . . . .

Winter months provide us with some of the most beautiful scenery we may see all year, but somehow Mother Nature has a knack of combining beauty and destruction in one stroke. As long as I don’t have to venture out of my cozy little house, I’m good.

Whenever I feel cabin fever creeping in, I remind myself of days not so long ago that required a 45-mile commute to my job, where I spent my day in cube-land on a telephone. When I wasn’t in my “office,” I was driving around seeing clients to sell investments and insurance.

Being stuck inside with Ernie and Ken is so much nicer than dealing with traffic and straight commission.  I’ve escaped the sameness of my surroundings by reading a couple of books, blogging, and writing a dozen chapters in my new book.  Other hours are filled with some of my favorite television shows.

As long as the furnace runs and the electricity stays on, I’m good. How do the rest of you deal with weather that keeps you indoors? I’m open to suggestions — but please, if you think housecleaning is a good thing to do while being held hostage by Mother Nature, keep that suggestion to yourself! 🙂

4 thoughts on “The “Blessings” of Below Zero

  1. I’ve been thinking of you all in the NW with deepest sympathy. I was done with the snow 4 years ago. I don’t have to shovel the rain. But we did put in a wood burning stove just in time for when the snow took out the power. We kept the whole place warm with no frozen pipes with it. I worry about people who have no back up heat. We were even able to cook on the top of the wood stove. What did I do when it was like that outside? I had lots to read and as long as we had power, I could sew or quilt or dig paths for the dog to pee. Snow was 4 feet, dog less than one. 🙂 I made lots of tea and watched the snow out the window until my husband couldn’t stay in anymore and made me drive him somewhere. I’m pretty good at driving in the snow and ice. Prefered to hunker down though. Enjoy.

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