Winter and Words

writingI’m back on the writing wagon again. Yesterday, I had a couple of hours to myself and I resisted the temptation of playing my favorite Facebook games to turn to my WIP. Yes, I reviewed the draft of my next novel. To my surprise, I had worked through the time period which has been giving me fits for the past several months, and I discovered I had finally arrived at the place where things will pick up speed and ultimately climax. This is not only a favorite place for a reader to come, it is equally as exciting for the writer.

When I embark writing a novel, I have a vague idea of what I want to explore. I begin the research and immerse myself in the subject matter and time period. Next I develop new characters who are often intertwined with characters who have appeared in previous novels. As I get to know my characters, I allow them to make the decisions of how the story unfolds. Giving them this freedom, often takes me into situations I didn’t anticipate. The surprises this approach brings is the exciting part for me. By allowing myself and my characters such freedom, the process stays fresh and I enjoy the adventure.

By the time I write the last word, I always hope the loose ends are all tied up enough to satisfy my readers, but not trussed so tight that they don’t wonder what could have happened next. This is a delicate balance, to say the least, but I always enjoy a comment like, “I wish the book would have continued because I felt so close to the characters and wonder what they would do after the story ended.” I’m told such comments spur on sequels.

At any rate, the cold weather and almost being completely ready for Christmas festivities has freed me to get back in the writing saddle again. There’s nothing like having a cup of coffee on the table next to me, the computer on my lap, and the warmth of my sweet little pug laying next to me to keep the words coming. I knew winter was good for something.

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