Replacement Time Has Arrived

Did you ever have a piece of furniture you didn’t want to part with? I’m struggling with that dilemma right now. My sofa and my writing chair have seen better days several years ago, but because of our deteriorated economic status, we were just thankful for what we had.

Most mornings I wake up about two or three o’clock because my old joints and bones need to get up and move around. As I go through this routine, I wake myself up to the point where I can’t fall back to sleep right away, so I patter down to the living room and make myself comfy on the sofa. I turn on the tube to find a boring narrator to put me back to sleep. This whole process takes about an hour or two, so the next time I wake, the sun is up and it’s time to start the new day.

As you might imagine, the sofa has become a very comfortable friend to me, especially when Ernie, my pug dog, always curls up and goes back to sleep with me for those few hours. My question is, will I find a new sofa that offers so much comfort or should I find someone to reupholster the old one? Furthermore, if I do decide to recover the old furniture, will the replacement cushions and pillows be as comfortable as the old ones?

For the past four years when visitors came, I covered the holes with throw blankets and our guests were too polite to look underneath at the bare worn spots in the fabric. Now that I’m enjoying the arrival of my first social security check, I can  ponder the thought of buying something new.

So, as I work through paying all the creditors who have patiently waited for the past three years as Ken and I have journeyed into the land of “sickness and unemployment,” I will search for the perfect replacement furniture. If you happen to see a plump, gray-haired woman lying on a sofa in a furniture store, please say “Hi.” It will probably be me.

4 thoughts on “Replacement Time Has Arrived

  1. I know you will find something comfortable. Just a suggestion, have you tried a furniture outlet? Myself and many of my friends when looking to replace a piece of furnitures checkout the discontinued sections of furnitures stores or checkout an outlet. They always seem to have great furniture at reasonable prices. I just had a friend who purchased a sectional in micro-fiber, normally $1500+, but because of her spend-thrift checking around, she got if for $450. It’s worth a look.

  2. I finally caved in too and bought a sofa and recliner. I left the furniture with my ex and the futon was uncomfortable for sitting. The new stuff is nice but not as comfortable as my more expensive furniture that was left behind. I just keep moving all day so that helps. You usually get what you pay for and I’m very happy to have something nicer for company. My back needed the break as well. I wish you luck. Congrats on the SS check. I remember how happy I was to get mine.

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