Dreams Dashed by Weather

palm-treeI always had this dream of living in a place where I had a palm tree growing in my front yard. The first time I saw a palm swaying in the gentle tropical breeze, I thought it was the most graceful and beautiful tree on earth. . . and the climate where it lived wasn’t bad either. Of course, I was visiting Florida in the dead of winter and the temperature was about 75 degrees.

Today, I’m using my woman’s prerogative to change my mind about moving to a tropical climate. As I’ve grown older, it seems I’ve taken after my mother’s side of the family and have developed arthritis. It’s the kind of arthritis which seems to turn on and off with weather changes and it really goes nuts when it’s humid.

If you live in Wisconsin, you know right now summer and fall are duking it out for a few days. Yesterday it was near 90 degrees with humidity in the 70% range. Today and Wednesday promise the same tropical weather, and then on Thursday there will be a big change. Winds will shift from the north, and the temperature will plummet to somewhere in the 60’s. This kind of yo-yo-ing drives my body crazy!  I knew I was in serious doo-doo when toward the end of my class last night, I had to sit and teach from a chair because standing was just too painful.

When I got home after two hours of teaching, I needed to haul out the heavy-duty pain meds, and even those didn’t knock me out enough to fall asleep. A restless night was in my path, so I enacted plan “B”.  For most of the night, I watched the Military Channel in hopes of falling asleep to a monotone narrator.

This experience has done two things for me. I realize I’m worthy of my social security check. (I will receive my first one at the end of this month.) And, it is likely I will never have a palm tree in my front yard–all because of the damn weather.

Have you had a dream dashed by weather? Let me know if you have, and we’ll create a new club.

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