Stephania Hits the Presses

Stephania Comes to America0001Yesterday I signed off on the final manuscript of  my most recent novel — “Stephania Comes to America.” When I do my final review, I pray I’ve caught all of the typos and missing words that my brain didn’t catch the first time around. Much to my chagrin, after the book is finally in my hands, I haven’t caught all of the mistakes. It’s my most frustrating part of my writing.

It turns out I’m fighting my common brain. Yeah. That’s right. My brain fills in the missing words, and it doesn’t allow my eyeballs to see all the typos. I understand this because of a  program on the Science Channel called, “My Bleeped Up Brain,” This program demonstrated why this happens. It seems our brains can’t process EVERYTHING it takes in, it edits for us. In the case of editing, our brains automatically fills in words where they haven’t been written. How do we fight that?

I thought the answer was to have my eagle-eye buddy Linda proofread the manuscript after my editor had passed her critical eye over the book. I’ve had many people tell me that they have enjoyed my stories, but the missed typos have driven them nuts. I assure you, my friends, this frustrates me as much as it does others.  When I see mistakes in a piece of writing, I also think the author must either be careless or hurried. Now I understand it’s neither. It’s humanity frailty.

So from on, I am more tolerant of other’s typos (and my own, too). Perhaps someday, I’ll have an omniscient editor who has better eye balls than I do.

9 thoughts on “Stephania Hits the Presses

  1. I know what you mean. Spell check hasn’t helped in some respects. I write the monthly newsletter at work and even after a couple of people proof read it we invariably miss something! Frustration…I just laugh and say “fire me” becasue I know that they won’t because no one else wants t do the newsletter.

  2. oops, the last sentence has a typo… not “t” but “to”. As you said, your eyes just go over it becasue you know what you were saying!

  3. My wife proofreads every blog post I write (on three different blogs). I also read and re-read them before posting but I frequently find on my first read of the published post. So, you are not alone – nice post.

  4. Yup. I did it too. Had my son read the last post on Gracie after I read it 3 times. He found A LOT of mistakes, You are correct about the brain filling in the missing word or letter. Frustrating. Thanks for being human. 🙂

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