The Vehicle Gods Have Spoken

Seeing I’ve taken all of you on my saga of finding and buying a handicapped van for Ken, I thought I’d just make a short post to let you know the vehicle gods got together and found a perfect van for us. It’s older than I preferred, but it is in mint condition and has power everything. The financing gods lent a hand, too, making the payments very easy.

We signed the papers last night and drove home with the windows open and the radio blasting. This experience is testimony to the fact that if you dream big enough, you can create your own life.

6 thoughts on “The Vehicle Gods Have Spoken

    • I am, Dan. It’s a V-6 and a little more power than I’ve had since the early 80s. I think I better have part of my right foot lightened!


      • Yeah, take care not to get a ticket. The part about the windows being down and the radio blasting made me think of Ricky Van Shelton’s Backroads.

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