Mondays & Miracles

Garfield and MondayToday my class took their last test for me. The summer went too fast with this class. Out of 21 students who enrolled, only 5 dropped, which must be some kind of record for a summer semester. They learned, and I had a great time teaching them. We will meet once again on Wednesday, to go over the final exam and bid each other farewell. It’s always bittersweet for me because by now, I love them all.

I feel I really accomplished something special with this class because they grasped the idea of prepositions! For some reason, students have a hard time with these little words that signal direction, location, or time. I still haven’t figured it out why after teaching them for three years, but this class like LIzza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, “Got It!” I’m so proud of all of them.

To celebrate, Ken and I decided to treat ourselves with the “Senior Special”  for $4 at Burger King tonight. (You can tell it’s at the end of a pay cycle, right?) After we finished our Whopper Jr., fries, and small soda, I said I wanted to stop by the Dodge dealer to check out what they had for used vans and how much our trade-in might bring with them. Ken agreed and we headed west.

I have no idea why I was insistent to visit that particular dealership on this particular night, but something was pushing me in that direction. Thank goodness, I’ve finally learned to follow my gut.

As Ken and I got out of the car, an older salesman greeted us and asked how he could help. I told him I was looking for a used van that I could have equipped with a wheelchair lift. The man’s mouth fell open and he said, “I don’t believe this. Tomorrow an 85 year old man is coming in to pick up his new car. His wife who had been in a wheelchair died, and he’s trading in a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country with 50,000 miles, and it has a wheelchair lift in it.”

Sometimes when things like this happen, I know I have had a moment of divine intervention. This deal could cost as little as $3,000. Now all I need is a few pennies from heaven to make it happen. . . or perhaps a money tree in the backyard?

All I know is if this van is supposed to come to us, the stars will align. I can’t believe this was just a coincidence. It’s too weird for it to happen the way it did.

6 thoughts on “Mondays & Miracles

  1. Oh my goodness Barb. I wish there was a way we could do an online fundraiser for you so you could just go and get it. I’m saying an extra one just for you. Good students that try make to work worth it, I’m sure.

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