Stephania Comes to America Gets Published

Stephania Comes to America0001I’ve talked to you about my troublesome character Stephania in previous posts, and I’m happy to tell you she finally finished telling me her story. After some editing and proofreading by my professional team, the novel was turned over to my publisher and accepted. The beautiful artwork was once again produced by Sue Barnett, my talented sister-in-law from Chicago. Now the book is in production.

This story follows an immigrant girl, who is the daughter of a mafia boss. The family comes to America because Ignazio was sent to the United States to rein in the younger bucks and organize them into an effective team gang of extortionists, gambling operators, and murders.

Stephania has never been in her father’s favor because as a female, she couldn’t take over the family “business.” In her 15 years of life, she’s tried to win her father’s love, but nothing she does captures his affection. Instead she is neglected and abused. She is determined to gain her father’s respect, but realizes she must take a different route to his heart. She secures a job in at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company as a seamstress to prove her worth, working long, hard hours, but her efforts still aren’t good enough for her father. It isn’t until she gets involved with a rival mobster, who is willing to make her dream of becoming a fashion designer come true,does her father take notice.

The story takes Stephania from the dire poverty of the tenements of New York’s Little Italy to the suburbs of Los Angeles. Along the way, readers will experience the hardships of immigrant life, mobster schemes, and Stephania’s ruthless and ambitious struggle to rise to fame.

5 thoughts on “Stephania Comes to America Gets Published

    • Yup. This character gave the artist as much trouble as she did for me. I just hope sales go well after all the grief she’s given us.


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