We’re Winners!

world_spinningThe Powerball numbers are in, and I’m sorry to say, Ken and I didn’t have ANY of the winning numbers on either of our tickets. Oh well, the odds were over 1.5 million to one that someone would win, so we’re not feeling too let down. The multi-state lottery produced three winners this go ’round, and I’m happy for all of three winners. Their lives will be changed forever more, That just means I’ll put my big dream in the background and wait for another jackpot. The earth will maintain spinning on its axis, the mail will be delivered, and the sun will come up tomorrow, even though Ken and I didn’t win.

What we did win was a good day. Yesterday, Ken regained his strength enough, so with the aid of a wheelchair, we were able to get out of the house and celebrate my birthday together. We went to Olive Garden, one of our favorite restaurants, and our favorite waiter, Dougie, served us. We blew a $50 gift certificate one of my generous friends gave me, enjoying every morsel of the salad, entrees, and dessert.  When Dougie found out it was my birthday, he got a half dozen servers together, and they serenaded me with the traditional Happy Birthday song. It was great fun to sit across from Ken and “do it up right.”

After we couldn’t eat one more bite,  I took Ken for a haircut, joked with the beauticians ,and then we came home so he could rest. For most of you, such an outing would be pretty tame, but for us it was a victory. We were joyous Ken had enough strength to enjoy a meal somewhere other than at home.  Through this MS Journey, we’ve learned to jump on opportunities when they appear, and days when he feels strong are such occasions. You see, when illness takes away so many mundane abilities most people take for granted, we’ve learned to find joy in the simple things.

So, yesterday was a blessing, even though the lottery gods didn’t shower us with huge sums of money. We are rich already.

6 thoughts on “We’re Winners!

  1. First, Happy Birthday! Second, it’s the good days that we must embrace to shelter ourselves from the not so good days. I’m so glad Ken was able to celebrate with you!

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